Genetically Altered Organisms: Yes or Nah?

Humans have been claimed to be using a Genetic modification since the twelve thousand B.C. in the form of selective breeding and by cultivating organisms with certain desired traits, after generations and generations of selectively cultivating organisms , our farmers have achieved to obtain superior products. As of the 20th century, scientists are able to use bacteria on microscopic particles to insert new genetic material into foods. In 1994, the United States Food and Drug Administration gave a license to a genetically modified tomato that this food item is approved for humans to eat, becoming the first genetically modified food permitted to be eaten by humans. Genetically Modified Organisms are believed by few of our present scientists to solve problems of matching food supply to demand.  Furthermore, few researchers and health advocates disagrees with   this idea for reasons that genetically modified foods could carry several health risks and could possibly affect the ecosystem. So is GMO’s boon? Or bane?   nisaaaa

GMO’s were discovered by an American biochemist Paul Byrd in 1972, this was created by combining one piece of DNA with another, and this would create a modified progression that would not transpire naturally. According to the center for food safety, three-quarters of all processed foods contain genetically-modified ingredients. Since the beginning of agriculture, people have been manipulating crops through the process of selective breeding, and some researchers would propose that Genetic modification is fundamentally the same thing. Arguments would also suggest that these genetically modified seeds are tested for safety, and has no record of any claim of human illness. Despite of all the pleas, advocates against GM foods would argue that there haven’t been enough independent studies regarding the safety of GM products for consumption. The use of GM crops cannot be controlled, so they could potentially damage the environment. Also, inadvertent cross-pollination could lead to the creation of weeds that could be insect-resistant and could harm insect’s species that shows no harm to the environment. As corporations create these GM products, this could affect the livelihood of poor farmer in the developing world. These are just few of the many arguments health advocates and researchers fear.

Let’s talk about what the positive impacts GM products can provide.  One of the main reasons and purpose of GMO’s is to establish a different advantage for the producer and as well as the consumer that would otherwise not be evident in nature. GM products have an economic effect; it can lower prices and produce bigger advantages like durability and nutritional value. GMO corporations also benefits from the seeds, as their crops develop a higher defense to pests and could prevent plant diseases thereby allowing for a bigger scale of production in crops. Some Genetically modified plants are being enriched with Omega-3 which could provide a larger sphere of nutrition. With all that being said, American Association for the Advancement of science states that genetically modified food are safe to consume. How does GMO’s affect our environment? Genetically modified plants are highly resistant to pests and not need pesticides. Current agricultural practices are very environmentally damaging, whereas insect- and weed-resistant GM crops will allow farmers to use far fewer chemical insecticides and herbicides.  GMO Crops have the potential to alter world hunger. Crops can be created and be produced more quickly than conventional crops. Increasing the speed of production, this could boost up supply, and potentially lower prices in the market. GMO’s allows a new sphere of advancement, in agriculture and in economics, this could speed up the cycle of crops, which means, consumer could enjoy a surplus of products. Additionally, GM crops can be enriched with nutrients. Nutrient-enhanced crops can be a huge solution to address the wide struggle of malnutrition. Modified crops that are designed to resist damage or being spoiled can be the first step for the survival of those victims by natural disasters.

As the world’s population continues to grow, the food resource remains scarce. Genetically manipulated foods offer a significant benefit by developing the production speed. Furthermore, the GMO products can be enhanced by nutritional content. GM plants can also be transformed to become more versatile and adjust to harsh conditions, such as cold weather, hot conditions, and even survive storms. The GMO has a significant effect in the production of scarce resources. Also, the development of high-resistance to pest could limit the use of pesticides if not eliminate it. In addition, GM products could be a potential step to margin the problems on mal-nutrition. By manipulating the nutritional content of the product we can achieve the impossible, mal-nutrition is rampant in several countries all over the world. Genetically modified food can also be transformed unto becoming strong enough to avoid being damage and spoil for a short period of time. With this, we could most likely help victims of natural disasters even half way across the world. When a product is capable to withstand long-distance transportation without getting damaged we could accomplish anything. As our world evolves we discover new features, genetically modified organisms is a step towards the new world. Manipulation of the DNA’s of this plants and organisms can one save thousands, and could likely ensure the survival of the human race. Now is the opportunity to stop hunger, and provide more for those in need in our world. According to research, various of corporation have agreed and believed that GMO’s are safe to consume. The United States Food and Drug Administration is one of the organizations to testify the credibility and safety of the manipulation of crops. For many, Genetically Modified Organism is simply ungodly, and could possibly destroy the biodiversity of our planet, but the professionals of today have given license to GMO’s, and as the world develops and discovers more features as time goes, GMO’s would provide a better cycle of production, a higher nutrition in consumption, and could connect worlds in need. It’s up to you to decide, whether its boon or bane?



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