Sidewalk vending

Sidewalks are for every purpose under the sun except for the one for which they are made which is for the people to walk on. Sidewalk vending means engaging in the business of peddling, vending, selling or displaying for sale of any goods either from a stall or van, or with their goods laid out on the sidewalk .It is a very common business there are so many products being offered in the street offering people with instant access to the things that they needed. Sidewalk vending also means street selling in which some of the people make money for their living some people start making their dreams, and hopes for the better future…

Sidewalk vending can tell people the true flavor and characteristics of the local. In sidewalk vending we can see many vendors selling different types of products food and goods mostly homemade and affordable. The Pinasugbo a native delicacy which is sliced caramelized banana and sweet potatoes with a dizzle of sesame seeds is one of Iloggo’s  favorite snacks which can usually buy in sidewalks ,ibus, bibingka, puto ,suman is also included, hot cakes, fish balls with fresh mango shakes and coconut juice is just one of the food and drinks that we can endure in sidewalks it is very soothing ,refreshing, delicious and most of all helpful in our health.


As the sun started to set smelling the aroma of marinated meats and chicken ,intestines ,betamax ,pork bbq are also starting filling the air mostly in sidewalk it started to make the night alive with delicious street food beverages, and meeting different kinds of people engaging yourself in everything that you can offer make you realize that in Sidewalk Vending you’re not only selling goods but also your molding yourself to be more mature ,hardworking and independent facing every challenge you are about to encounter that is sidewalk vending you can be a part of the stories and life of every person you’ve meet.

In some point, sidewalk vending businesses are very much exposed to health alteration, where you are frequently exposed outside. You will suffer much from the extreme weather conditions like excessive rays from the sun as well as rain they do not make fixed profits and they cannot budget for the money that they get. They depend on people to live.They always exposed in evildoers people despite of this you can still see it in positive ways which can also help you developed your immune system be nature friendly and most of all being concerned and adopt yourself as climate and your surrounding changes. It can also help you to find out your weakness and limitations.

Like Social Media Sidewalk vending is also one way of interacting of different people you need to be updated in new trends you have to know what is popular in the eyes and taste of consumers you need to know what is more demanding but affordable for the consumers. Sidewalk vending is often in festivals and different kinds of occasions it is also mostly present in more populated area of the city such as outside the churches, schools, bus and jeepney stops and stations. Like here in Iloilo, you can enjoy and endure different kinds of sidewalk vending especially when they celebrate the “Dinagyang Festival” a cultural festival in Iloilo City held every 4th Sunday of January in this occasion sidewalk vending is a trend where people use to sell different types of goods from body ware accessories, bottled water, snacks, beverages, and most especially street food  also known as “ihaw -ihaw” sidewalk vending in this occasion usually a big hit for consumers and vendors as they celebrating the said festival they also enjoying the taste of food and conversation with friendly vendors. Valentine’s day, All Saints day are also a big day for sidewalk vending in this occasion sidewalk are abundant and full of fresh beautiful different kinds of flowers you can smell the love in the air as you pass by in places where sidewalks vendors place there stalls you can also see stands and stalls of vendors sells chocolate, and stuff toy. And as month of November approaches plenty of pretty flowers different colors, shapes and styles of candles filled the sidewalk stands. And as Christmas approaching  everybody is busy preparing their goods to be sell .Sidewalk vending is one of the best way of making honest and enjoyable living fruit stands are almost everywhere in sidewalks  you can also see different displays of lanterns ,Christmas decors lights and Christmas tress where sale different hornpipe, Christmas wrappers and fire crackers are also in demand. “BIBINGKA” one of the Filipino delicacy is also trending in this occasion for sidewalk vending. Sidewalk vending is also vogue and present almost everywhere not only here in the city of Iloilo but also in provinces and Barrios .December is the month where sidewalk vending becomes more colorful and alive.

Sidewalk Vending is a kind of ventures that you can have the chance to evaluate the area you are planning to establish your business. Since vending business can be transported from one place to another you can easily relocate to the other places once you seem that the current market you have wick not offer you with the profits you are targeting. It will also offer low overhead for its business owners.The vendors do not longer need to secure payment in electricity, business rentals and other financial responsibilities of the other kinds of businesses. It will also lead to the generation of higher sales. One of the greatest success stories of upward mobility is Daymond John the founder and CEO of FUBU and star on ABC’s Shark Tank. Before he his clothing empire, Daymond started out as a street vendor, howling homemade hats in front of the New York Coliseum. On his very first day of sales in 1992, he made $800.Now he’s a multimillionaire. On top of that vendors provide “eyes on the street” making cities safer. Street vendors can attract people to shop and move outside their home  making communities more vibrant and less hazardous. Plus, since many vendors are out on the streets for many hours a day they can help monitor for potential crime.

On the other hand, Sidewalk vending is challenging and fun .As you go out there selling and howling your goods you can meet different people a challenge how to interact with them how to approach and how to communicate in every person that you encounter. It is fun engaging yourself in this kind of business because you can meet friends you can developed your personality self esteem and confidence and most especially you can be exposed in the reality of the world you are revolving.

In Sidewalk vending you must learn how to value the products that you offer to the consumers you must learn how to deal with your surroundings. In Sidewalk vending you must possess the characteristic of being hardworking, kind, honest patient, and most of all have hearts on your consumers. Because sidewalk vending is not only selling goods ,food and  products it is also one way of responding and helping others in their needs ,valuing the hard work in vending. Someone’s believe that dreams are can be made in sidewalks and makes that dreams come true because we can create professionals and good entrepreneurs in sidewalk vending.






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