We all know that here in our country sidewalk vending is a known way of selling goods; from food to craft. I mean, you can see that allover highways, streets and even on the bridges. According to the Oxford Dictionary, sidewalk vendor is the person who sells something in the street, either from a stall or van or with their goods laid out on the sidewalk.

In today’s generation you can see sidewalk vendors allover the place using cart or vehicle mobile or they have this plywood made hand carry and even have these small stalls in the side of the highways.

It is consider as important for the sidewalk vendors to have a place to sell because, of course, it’s their way of living and supporting the need of their family.


Here in the Philippines traffic is a big problem at all. But eating food on the miles of traffic is not a problem at all, of course, thanks for the help of the sidewalk vendors and with their “kariton” or cart, or vehicle; you can easily buy foods while you are in the middle of a long traffic.


Peanuts are one of the best-selling foods in the sidewalk. Especially outside the school campuses because of what people say that “peanut is food for brain”. Salted, coated or boiled it is usually what the sidewalk vendors sell and it can easily brought and eat while you are transporting.


Want some refreshment? Buko juice is the perfect refreshment. You can satisfy your thirst at the same time cleanse your organs inside.


You can also buy candies, junk foods on the street vendors, especially when they have this plywood hand carry thing in selling they can easily go wherever you are; middle or side of the traffic jam.


Or like for today’s approaching holiday, Christmas, when you are attending masses or the famous “simbang gabi” in the Philippines and you suddenly felt hunger, you can buy “bibingka”, boiled corn or even some hot freshly baked “pandesal” at the sidewalk and a mineral water or soft drinks to drink.


Even having this “pasalubong” for your family, you can buy it along the way with the help of course of sidewalk vendors.


And for your child you can definitely buy the famous “sorbetes” or ice cream along the way while walking in a park, Luneta Park or any park and enjoying the view.

That’s the reason why sidewalk vendors and vending are important here in our country. But sidewalk vending has its disadvantages also.

First is that most of the space allotted for the vehicle and commuters are most likely been occupied by the sidewalk vendors having the cause of more traffic and sometimes the cause of the incident in the roads.

Second, sidewalk vendors are prone in the danger at the roads. They might also be the reason of crime for they are usually along the roads.

And third, sidewalk vending is not an easy job. You have to stay along the road and wait for the consumer to come.

Heat of the sun, cold of a rainy day, force of the wind in a windy day and of course smoke of the cars, buses, tricycles, motorcycles and the like, this is usually the enemy of the sidewalk vendors.

But all this things are nothing if you know you can buy something, needs and wants, of your family.

Speaking of “something” Christmas Holiday are fast approaching and here is some good news for the sidewalk vendors.

According to the Sun Star Iloilo, written by Lydia C. Pendon. The Iloilo City Government is opening up several major streets in the metropolis from December 5 to 31 to let sidewalk vendors sell and enjoy the shopping season during the holidays.

The streets of JM Basa, Iznart, Valeria, Delgado, Ledesma, and all the sidewalks surrounding the city plazas, except Molo plaza, will be opened to sidewalk vendors selling fruits and other items, according to Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog’s instruction.

To avail of the opportunity, vendors must apply with the Special Services Unit (SSU) and then with the Business Permit and Licensing Office for an approved special business permit.

A vendor must pay P200 to the City Treasurer’s Office (CTO) and must show the receipt to the SSU.

City administrator Norlito Bautista said there must be no other fee for the vendors except the one paid at the CTO.

The Federation of Sidewalk Vendors Association of Iloilo City has no authority to collect any payment from the vendors, who have already signed a contract with the SSU for maintaining cleanliness in their respective space to sell.

What are you waiting for? try to visit the said streets and enjoy sidewalk buying. It will be fun.



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