“Iloilo City” Words For Business

The City of Iloilo is a highly urbanized city of Panay Island in the Philippines. In the 2010 census, Iloilo City had a population of 424,619 with a 1.8% population annual growth rate.  A place where you can see everything you wish, need and want. It is also a good place to invest your money or put up a business you like because Iloilo is the highest sustaining economy in Panay Island.


Iloilo City may seem like a place that will pulled and blocked you away in the presence because of its classic and well-renovated and flourish colonial and pre war buildings and houses. And this old buildings are the one where the businesses are happening. As having a quick tour in downtown, you can all recognize that buildings are old but well-maintained for the safety of the buyers. One of the buildings in downtown is Calle Real. It is a three story building. The building provides the necessities of the Ilonggos like clothes and food. Downtown area of Iloilo is one of the best place to put a small business.


                A lot of the businesses are here in the Iloilo. Here are the list of some of popular businesses.

  1. RTW and Whole Sale

By engaging this kind of business, the money is fast and you can easily see your profit. The Ilonggos are very obsessed in fashionable clothes and retail stores. So, RTW and whole sale as business is good.

  1. Restaurants and fast food

In every street in Iloilo, you can always see a lot of restaurant. It can make your head ache first before you chose where to eat. By having this business, you need to improve your strategies in order to have gain customers.

  1. Malls

Mall means business. Putting up a business in the mall is a good choose because a lot of Ilonggos went shopping. There are a lot of malls here in Iloilo namely SM City and Delgado, Gaisano, Robinson, City Mall and many more.

  1. Hotels

Hotel business is good in Iloilo. It became a business trend because of many tourist who have been visited during a big events like Dinagyang festival and Paraw Regatta.



Mandurriao is considered as the heart of the city. It is where the big businesses like hotels, malls, night clubs and condos are located. As this year, we barely see the flat lands in Mandurriao but the construction of the towering buildings. It is when the Iloilo was dubbed recently as the “Tiger Economy” and the “Ignition Point of the Visayas” because of the many business establishments had popped up. Some of the buildings that we can see in the area are the SM City Iloilo, Mega World and the twenty one floor Injap Tower Hotel.

“Iloilo is not only a great place to expand your business. It is also a highly conducive place to start your business from scratch,” said by Mr. Edgar Sia II, CEO of Injap Investments, Inc. during the forum for “Iloilo means business” in Makati City. He also said that there will be a five city malls in the future but the first city mall built in Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo City. He committed to build more commercial establishments in Iloilo.




As the Asian-Pacific  and Economic Cooperation or APEC held last September 2015. The APEC leaders expressed their support to the proposed Iloilo Action Initiative. The main idea of Iloilo Action Initiative is to develop the Internet and digital economy ecosystem. Internet was the main source of everything nowadays. It is for the improvement of the Internet world in Iloilo respectively. For having the transactions of businesses in Internet or what we called e-commerce, we easily connect to the business around the world.

Here the three enterprise business intelligence trends that can benefit your business by Himanshu Sareen, a digital entrepreneur and tech enthusiast.

  1. The rise of social intelligence

Businesses are becoming more and more customer-centric, and this is due in large part to the continual effect that social media has on how consumers behave. As a small business, you can’t be caught behind the curve in this regard. It’s no longer the case that businesses, large or small, can simply expect customers to buy products and services. Instead, current and potential customers also “participate” by writing blog posts, sharing reviews through sites like Facebook and Twitter and commenting on businesses through a multitude of other social networks.

In fact, social media platforms have given marketers an endless number of ways to connect with consumers and pick up on the different data trails that these networks create; and that’s key to creating engagement. However, it’s not enough to start a Facebook page or Twitter account and expect that simply because you’re on social media, your customers will come to you. Instead, businesses are now relying on advanced analytics technologies to help mine “big data” sources in order to learn more about their customers and gain insights about the different ways they prefer to communicate.

2. The emergence of smart analytics

The end result of all BI software tools is to help end-users make more informed decisions. But if we can only be as informed as yesterday’s numbers allow us to be, how effective are our insights, really? With everything in business now moving at the speed of real time, the software we use to leverage insights must move faster. Whether a company wants to predict future trends, understand its customers better or help drive its strategic decision-making, smart analytics tools can use your old data to provide a treasure trove of new leads and new insights.

3. The growth of increased threat intelligence

As a small business owner, you may not have outside threats, like malware and hacker attacks, top of mind. But when security giant Cisco announces a host of new cloud based security and analytics tools, you know that every other BI software vendor notices.

From what we’ve seen in the last few months, increased threat intelligence is a top concern among many industry leaders. IBM launched new threat analytics tools in the cloud back in April, and Microsoft followed up in May with its launch of Advanced Threat Analytics. Microsoft’s ATA platform in particular adds a fresh spin on threat analytics with a user interface that’s easy to use and able to give end-users a top-down overview of where threats are coming from.


We all know that the “Queen City of the South” tag line is originally owned by Iloilo. Hopefully, by having the businesses that popped up in Iloilo can contribute and help to re-claim the tag line.









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