Kariton for Life


grand-bazaarBecause of poverty or the unemployment that the country is facing, many had come up into different useful and feasible ways on how to earn a living in order to survive in their everyday lives. Let’s face the fact that many people didn’t undergo and didn’t had a chance to go on a formal education because of financial issues and that’s one reason why it is hard for them to find a job to sustain their daily needs in life.

That is when karitons or push carts were discovered or created. Kariton or Push carts are any of various types of wheeled light cart to be pushed by hand, as one used by street vendors.

Business in Karitons has already been a part of many businesses today and is somewhat widely spread among all types of communities around the world. It encompasses a whole wide range in the business industry.

It is like a mobile business that is easier to bring anywhere and very useful in all kind of businesses. People are patronizing because it is something that is common or can be seen in the usual everyday life especially to the Filipinos, is it already like their way of life. In the Philippines, it is a common scenario to see vendors anywhere on the sidewalk, along the streets, the corners of every establishments, or literally just everywhere.

Also, in some other local communities, business on karitons has been a common scene and it has been one of the earliest sources of income. What you don’t know that those big and well-off establishment or companies that you see today, some of it started from just small business like the simple karitons that later booms up into big businesses and some are even very well known today around the world. Kariton has already been a life blood of business scene in both small towns and cities.

Business in Kariton comes in many forms. It could be Karitons that sells, fishball, kikiams, or any other street kind of foods, juices, barbeques, fruits, vegetables, clothes, sweets, bread and many more.

Because Karitons are becoming broad and wide spread in the country, there have been proposed projects that focuses in giving importance and in spreading the whole concept of Kariton business. One project that has been approved was the Nego-Kart or the Negosyo in Kariton.

The Nego-Kart Project

Nego-Kart is a project for ambulant vendors on major cities of the country. The project will assist the ambulant vendors in making their existing livelihood undertakings grow into profitable and sustainable business, thus, making their income level at par with that of the minimum wage earners, at least.

The Nego-Kart project will provide the ambulant vendors with service or assistance that will enable them to increase, upgrade and/or diversity their products or services and market these to greater number of buyers or costumers. The service or assistance provide the following:

  • Acquisition of a vending cart and accessory livelihood tools
  • Provision of working capital for procurement or production of marketable goods or services
  • Trainings in production skills, entrepreneurship and business management
  • Business permit to operate in designated area. The ambulant vendors will be assisted in forming their organization that will promote mutual aid and protection such as collective savings mobilization for social protection coverage under SSS/Philhealth and other common concerns.

This project will be implemented in major cities of the country with heavy concentration of large number of vendors scattering around and only ambulant vendors with legal age will be catered. This project will be implemented by the DOLE in partnership with the LGU’s and other interested private parties. It is good to know that those people who are less fortunate and doesn’t have stable jobs to earn a living, had find ways on how to have an income to live instead of just being contented in doing nothing with their lives and the worst is, some are engaging into illegal doings because of their frustration that they are not capable of finding a living.

It is surprising to know how the simple kariton from mainly being used by garbage collectors in gathering newspapers & bottles can change their lives by making it as a tool in bringing many useful benefits like turning it into a stall or a mobile store for vending food and drinks and many other things that can be sold.

Innovations like these only prove that Filipino talent for creativity is superb. Their unparalleled creativity in devising ingenious solutions to solve the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy in the country.

While everybody else is raving about can’t be done, some people opt to take action in their own little possible and special ways. These are the kind of people who deserve to be called heroes and who give truth to the adage, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”





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