Nego-Kart is a Business help

Business, – the activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money. This is the main thing we could understand about business. And, what if we put our business not in a store, company, factory but instead in a small push cart or what we called “Kariton” would you still improve your state of financial status or not. Let’s find out.

First things first, we want to find what is “Kariton” first. A Kariton or a Push-cart is where other people put their business. Whether it’s a vegetable, fruits, or everything and anything what they want in order to gain income.


The NEGO-KART was developed to help other people to improve their life. Here are some information that talks about what is “NEGO-KART” is all about and what it is function, and also it talks about the business through what we called “Kariton”.

NEGO-KART (Negosyo sa Kariton) is a project for ambulant vendors on major cities of the country. The project will assist the ambulant vendors in making their existing livelihood undertakings grow into profitable and sustainable business; thus, making their income level at par with that of the minimum wage earners, at the least.

The Nego-Kart project will provide the ambulant vendors with service/assistance that will enable them to increase, upgrade and/or diversity their products or services and market these to greater number of buyers or customers. The service/assistance is as follows

  • Acquisition of a vending cart and accessory livelihood tools;
  • Provision of working capital for procurement or production of marketable goods or services (raw materials and other inputs);
  • Trainings on production skills, entrepreneurship and business management; and
  • Business permit to operate in designated area. The ambulant vendors will be assisted in forming their organization that will promote mutual aid and protection such as collective savings mobilization for social protection coverage under SSS/PhilHealth and others common concerns.

Target Areas and Clients
The Nego-Kart project will be implemented in major cities of the country with heavy concentration or large number of ambulant vendors. It will cater to ambulant vendors of legal age who trade their goods or services without the necessary market business permits in sidewalks, buses, community market places and other public places.

Program Implementors 
The Nego-Kart project will be implemented by the DOLE in partnership with the LGUs, private sector and other interested parties which shall co-share the provision of the aforesaid service/assistance. Any of the DOLE partners may serve as the Accredited Co-Partner (ACP) in the Implementation of the project.

Negosyo sa Kariton1

This program would mean a lot for our citizen in order to improve their state of livelihood. Also, to decrease the number of unemployment. Nego-Kart was a very big help to the society not only for the receiver of the program but also for the all citizen of the country.


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