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Where do you belong?

With so many business opportunities that have arrived in the city of Iloilo, the chances of having jobs are getting wider. But have you ever wonder why our city or yourself have been experiencing the state of being unemployed? And if you’re employed, have you ask yourself of your contributions in the economy in order to grow? Or in what way did you help your city in terms of employment and unemployment rate?

Based on Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Region IV data on the year 2013-2014, number of unemployment had decreased. Every year unemployment do decreased. This indicates that the economy of our city is improving. Because of new businesses, many of the Ilonggos got jobs and will have a job.

The Department of Labor and Employment is the primary government agency mandated to promote gainful employment opportunities, develop human resources, protect workers and promote their welfare, and maintain industrial peace.

DOLE has its vision, mandate and strategies, consistent with the national development plan; its vision is the attainment of full decent and productive employment for every Filipino worker. It is mandated to promote gainful employment opportunities, develop human resources, protect workers and promote their welfare and maintain industrial peace.

The Bureau of Employment and Labor Statistics of DOLE defines unemployment as the number of persons 15 years old and over who are without work or had no job/business; looking or seeking work; and currently available for work during the basic reference period or within two weeks after the interview date.

1367413450-jobs-fair-for-labor-day-in-the-philippines_20093951.jpgAs we notice, a lot of individuals in Region VI remained jobless. In fact, we have a lot of companies joins the job fair of DOLE. Every job fair there are almost 5,000 applicants but only 1% of them got hired on the spot (HOTS). Majority of those hired on the spot were employed by companies engaged in wholesale and retail, cyber services 21, construction and other support services. Ninety-nine jobseekers or 93 per cent were hired by local companies while seven applicants or seven per cent signed up by overseas recruitment agencies for overseas jobs. A total of 55 or around 51 of the total hired on the spot were male while 51 or about 48 per cent were female.

Most common reasons are mismatch of job they are applying for. While others are not qualified for the position, either good work record is lacking.  Most importantly the educational background of the applicant. Of course, most companies will hire the most qualified applicant based on their resume, experiences and level of intelligence. That’s why some of them prefer to work at food chains where they can be easily hired and a degree is not compelled in the criteria.

iloilo-poverty-situationer-wv-2015-7-638As based on the information that we get from the Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the segregated data of unemployment is per region. Here in region VI, the percentageof employed person is getting higher annually but only a bit. Based on 2013-2014 data, underemployed has increased 0.3 percent.

A JANUARY 2013 survey released by the National Statistics Office said Western Visayas notched high employment rate of 94 percent. But Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-6) assistant regional director Salome Siaton said Western Visayas posted a 21.89 percent underemployment rate.

“Many of them work fewer than eight hours a day, and so their paychecks are much smaller than the average workers, but they are left with no choice as retrenchment is a much bitter pill to swallow,” Siaton said. (PNA)

Underemployment refers to the number of persons who want additional hours of work in their present job; or to have additional job; or a new job with longer working hours. It also refers to employed people whose earnings are not enough to support basic family needs.

DOLE presented programs to lessen unemployment. They have livelihood program which is composed of 3 assets. First is the livelihood on information which they hired persons to spread infos. Second is the livelihood on restoration in which they need a lot of workers to repair or restore churches, buildings and others that is caused by calamities. Lastly, the livelihood on ogmentation where they keep connections to different companies to generate employment.

Based on the article that I had red, DOLE is seeing 2015 as a prosperous year for the country’s labor sector. But the unemployment rate of the country, on the other hand, reached 6 percent. Iloilo is one of the four areas that registered high unemployment rate compared to the national level with it 7.5 percent share.

Unemployment rate in Western Visayas went down to 6.0 percent in January 2015 from 6.6 percent a year ago, results of the Philippine Statistics Authority’s (PSA) Labor Force Survey showed.

The labor force participation rate in January 2015 was estimated at 62.8 percent, down from 63.4 percent in the same month last year. The labor force consists of the employed and the unemployed.

Individuals who are seeking job and unhired are considered unemployed. But people who are not taking efforts to have a job do not belong to the rate of unemployment.

Meanwhile, underemployment rate in January 2015 dropped to 21.4 percent, lower than the 22.9 percent a year ago. Underemployment rate is the percentage of the underemployed to the total employed.

Due to the declines, employment rate in the region edged up to 94.0 percent in January 2015 from 93.4 percent in the same month the previous year.

This is the Labor Force Survey, a nationwide quarterly survey of households aiming to gather data on the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the population for the formulation of plans and policies affecting the labor market.

Iloilo City cannot have a 100% employment rate. This is because we need to have a state of equilibrium where balancing our labor and employment is necessary in our goverment.  Being unemployed do not only affect the economy but also our status in life because our country is implying the free market economy.

While human capital of hired persons helps the economic status and better indication of employment rate.








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