Kariton: A Livelihood Business

Business makes things happen and affects every part of our society. Business is where money is. It is also a place where entrepreneurs  gets wealthy. A commercial activity engaged in as a means of livelihood or profit, or an entity which engages in such activities. Businesses research our desires, invest in technology, and deliver the new and improved products and services that we want  and need. But how can be a minimum wage earner can achieve this? How can a small scale vendors acquire this kind of activity and management?

Many Filipinos had strive hard to get a good job in order to provide the necessities of their family especially their basic needs. Many had achieve their goals and are floating in cloud nine because they already took success. But those who remain and left behind are still in the dungeon of poverty and scarcity.

Many Pinoys decide to give up their regular jobs just to get a taste of what’s it’s like to be their own boss. Being an entrepreneur is something many  Filipinos aspire to be as they have the opportunity t and practice their ability on how to manage, control and allocate their time in the business they choose and to be fully compensated for what they work for.


Because of lack of money, many business-minded Pinoys opt to use “kariton” as their way of starting their business. They tend to endure this business to satisfy and fill the needs of their family in their daily life. Ambulant vendors  tend to manage their business to become more profitable and sustainable business; thus, making their income level like an minimum wage earner.

This type of business provide the ambulant vendors with service and assistance to upgrade, increase the goods and services in diverse way which will increase the demand of buyers and consumers. It also enhance the ability and capability of the vendor to increase their knowledge and skills in managing and putting a business which they can benefit as well as the others respectively. The vendors can acquire services and assistance like, training on production skills, which help them on how to produce goods and services.

Efren Penaflorida

This business had been served the Filipinos as source of their income.They use this as a way to sell an assortment of goods to anyone looking for a quick snack and other things that might satisfy them. The “kariton” is a very convenient for the purpose of selling because it can be move from one place to another. This was recognize world wide by our very own Efren Penaflorida by using it in unconventional and ingenious way.


download (1)

The Philippine government had seen that many Filipinos nowadays are unemployed which cause to poor consumption of food in the family. The more unemployed Filipinos the more they are subject to scarcity which we all know that it is forever, so together with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) they develop the NegoKart project which provides beneficiaries with vending cart and accessory livelihood tools.DOLE 2 regional director lawyer Sixto T.Rodriguez, Jr., said,“It is inspiring to be back where I spent most of the memorable times of my life.To return with package of employment intervention like this ‘Negosyo sa Kariton’ makes it even more significant and heartening”.  It also provides working capital for procurement or production of marketable goods, provision of training’s on production skills, entrepreneurship and business management, and assistance in securing business permits to operate in designated areas.

“The project will surely improve the economic condition of the ambulant vendor-recipients,” Mamba said.(PNA)

“The assistance is part of the commitment of the DOLE in securing a fair community where no one is left behind, especially the marginal sector where the small scale ambulant vendor belongs.  I am optimistic that the NegoKart will enable the beneficiaries to increase, upgrade and diversify their products, and market the same to more buyers or customers in order to increase their income and improve their living condition,” Diciano Senior Labor and Employment Officer of DOLE Cagayan Field Office said.

In order to compete to other businesses this vendors should compete and find ways to make their business more efficient because the more efficient they were the more products and services they could produce and more people can consume. Although the resources are limited this vendors should find a way to allocate and maximize their skills by applying the knowledge that have taught to them by the government. This will help them to maximize their knowledge to become more efficient vendors. In becoming an efficient vendors the products and services they may produce will either satisfy the needs of the people or not, If the result satisfy the needs of the people it means that their strategies are effective.

The ‘kariton” business will create innovative products that will enhance the society. This business also help especially the rural areas on how to manage and build business out of “kariton”. This will provide them the income which sought to their needs. This business will surely encourage others on how to manage and make profit in a simple but effective way of gaining income that will provide their basic needs. It will also help in generating the production of goods and services which the economy of the Philippines can benefit. It will also ensure that the vendors will benefit more give the fact that they are acquiring knowledge from the government plus the quality of business that serves as there way of living.

filipino family


Though the “kariton” is a very simple object. But as we can many Filipinos had acquire its usefulness especially in our livelihood.It also create an image that Filipinos are not just humble but an ingenious in the way that creating this kind of business to uphold brings encouragement to those whose hope are falling apart that by this business it will bring back their unfinished goals to start and begin a new one.It has also a gave big impact to our culture and lives of Filipinos.












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