Street Vendors: On Service

We see them along the street as we leave our homes. We pass by them as we wait for our ride to work. They are in the vicinity of schools, in the compound of churches, jeepney and bus terminals, inside cemetery grounds, parks and amusement centers. They also may be located on top of overpasses, or in underpasses.


Street Vendors are usually defined as a person who offers goods for sale to the public at large without having a permanent built up structure from which to sell. They are the source of all types of buy and sell business in the country.

In sidewalk vending, you can usually bid for a lower price if you want, you can reserve your chosen product, and you can solicit free items in what you already bought.

A way of living for many people in this part of the globe. It is also a source of income for many Filipino families.

If you are planning to be a sidewalk vendors as a way of living, you don’t need these following qualifications:

  • Business proposal
  • College graduate
  • Business permit
  • Employees
  • Accountants
  • Advertisements

All you need is your product, your hard work and your determination to earn.


You can start in street food business that in demand nowadays, because Filipinos are fun in eating this mouthwatering kind of products like, fish balls, kwek-kwek, balut, Isaw, siomai and many more.

An assorted goods that the street vendor offers is their way to provide the main source of income for their households, bringing food to their families and paying school fees for their children.
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