Business Trends In the Metro

   A lot of great things are happening in Iloilo City right now.

When it comes to business, Iloilo City has abrubtly expanded its economic system. With the increase of population and expansion of innovation and technology, new business ideas , foreign investors and business partnerships, the city has improved its business techniques.

 No one can deny  how far the city became a peppy center of business.  Starting from business corporations, sole- proprietors,  business partnerships, vendorless types of business, business through the internet, arts and crafts , business on the streets and many to mention.Indeed, the city became the center of business interest.  Recently , the APEC Summit was held in Iloilo to tackle about Micro, small and medium  enterprises or  MSMEs. The Ayala Park and Megaworld Complex was established and some huge and prominent malls like SM City, Robinson’s Place and Gaisano City.

 The city is also one of the great producers while it comprises only 2.4 percent of the country’s population, according to research, it supplies 4.5 percent of rice, 5.1 percent of sugar, 3.6 percent each of hogs and fish products. The central part of Iloilo such as Dumangas, Pototan , Oton and Santa Barbara produces palay, sugarcane and milkfish.

 As being said earlier, the city is the center of business hence we have businesses like real estate, IT/  BPO, shopping trade and finance. If you happen to wander around the city, you will likely to see a lot of job opportunities.

The top 5 Business trends in Iloilo

1. Condominiums


Iloilo city noticeably has large buildings and condominiums. The Most popular and newly-built  is the Avida Towers Atria located    Along Donato Pison Ave., Barangay San Rafael, Mandurriao District, Iloilo City . So, this business is basically are Real Estates .

So, how can you make money from Real Estates?  According to Lamudi Philippines there are four steps

First you have to Buy and Hold. This includes buying a property, holding onto it, and reaping the benefits of capital growth, which is the asset’s price increase over time. Secondly, Buy to Rent, you have to make sure that the it is quite attractive to renters.It should be ideally located and fully furnished.Third, Flip, this includes buying, renovating, and then selling the property for a good profit.Lastly, Build and Sell,this is the the very essence of condominiums, people buy condos for reasons like security, amenities and maintenance.

2. Restaurants



This is Al Dente Italian Resto located at Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center. Try to wander around the city of Iloilo. You will never fail yourself to see different restaurants that will satisfy your food cravings. This type of business is essential and necessary .Where would you stop and eat if you are already out of time to cook your meal? Restos are not just for the people of the city but also for the tourists .

3. Hotels


The city is also abundant in hotels. The Major hotels are Amigo Terrace, Circle Inn, Days Hotel, Diversion 21, Grand Dame, Harbor Town, Injap Tower, Richmonde, Sarabia Manor, and Hotel del Rio. As a person, why you should sleep in a hotel?Well there are a lot of reasons to stay.As the city is improving, foreigners and tourist came to visit Iloilo, as a result , they would spend the night in a hotel.

4. Call Center Companies


Iloilo is not just abundant in huge establishments. There are numerous BPO companies in Iloilo. Business Processing Outsourcing is asubset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider. The following are the call center companies here in Iloilo:

Avatar Technologies, BrushNetwork, ECHO, Eversun Software, GMCI, Hinduja Global Solutions, Interactive Voice, Medialink, SPI Global, Star Tek, Technocall, Savant Technologies, Teletech, and Transcom.

In a call center job, an agent is expected to have good communication skills for the nature of the job is to answer customer concerns over the telephone. You can be a customer representative, in this field, you are expected to place orders online, answer complaints and attend customer’s queries.

Call center jobs are very attractive to job seekers for any one who meets the qualifications could join the team.It is true that it could enhance your communication skills as well as your interpersonal skills and your decision-making abilities.

5. Computer Shops


Computers are everywhere. Almost all paper works and assignment could be done using a computer. Even our reports, our Facebook and entertainment purposes could be obtained through a computer. Who would not mind using this high-end innovation nowadays?

As an observation, many computer shops are owned by a single person. This kind of business is a sole proprietorship . This business is “unperishable ” because a lot of people are now hooked to this invention , even considering it as part of their lives.There’s a great possibility that this business  is earning more.The greatest user of this is the students for purposes like schools works, social media, entertainment and in fact- gathering.


*  e-lance


Aside from businesses being mentioned, there are also businesses that undergo online processing like purchasing a product online or most commonly known as e-lance.

* The Market

download (1)

There are also businesses in the streets like street vending who doesnt need to have a boss but your are the one responsible to manage. Most popular is in the market, like selling crops and vegetables, poultry products, fish and crafts.If you wish to visit the Iloilo Central Market, you will variety of goods there.

Iloilo indeed is rising, it was one hailed as the Queen City of the South in 1889 by the Queen Regent of Spain.  Numerous decades had passed and the city became one of the liveliest and progressive in the region. Not just in the name of business but in the whole aspect as well. Aside from venturing in business, what’s good in the city is it’s beautiful sceneries and tourist attracttion that does not only boosts tourism but also the economic state. As years come, it is predictable that the city will be on top progressive and wonderful cities in the region as well as in the whole country.


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