Iloilo City: Business Centre

In past decade there are thousands of Ilonggos are bogged down; the major factors are unemployment, sputtering economy, the decline of manufacturing and even job recession. Because of these unemployed temp workers, part- timers who want more work, and job seekers who have given up. But since we are now in a modern era where technology takes place and latest gadgets that technology has offered to us, Businesses like malls and infrastructures in Iloilo City also makes a leeway leading the way to progress.

Iloilo city is known as the City of love in the Philippines. It is located at the western part of Panay Island. Iloilo is unique of its lifestyle and tourist destination, Iloilo City is a highly- urbanized city in the Philippines. It’s also a melting point between past and present. The city is gaining towards progress without terrorizing its century-old central business district.

Iloilo business Club, Inc (IBC) was established in October 1990. It is a non-stock- profit organization composed of over eighty senior executives representing the leading corporations and organizations in the Province and city of Iloilo and the Philippines. IBC is committed to fast track the development of Iloilo. Its mission is carried out primarily through the following activities: policy advocacy, information services, trade and investment promotion. It also creates investment opportunities to boost the local economy, and to develop good working relationships with the government and the private Stakeholders.


Calle Real is one of the oldest buildings in Iloilo’s downtown because of its old-fashioned yet majestic. Tourists feel like being in Venice or other European cities. It is known as the Royal Street of the city because the street stretches from the Plaza Libertad going to the Iloilo Provincial Capitol. It’s like exploring in a museum. Tourists can see old building that were built during the late Spanish era that survived World War II and have fended off the ravages of time. The street has served as a shopping district and entertainment center.

And when it comes to night life, what might elicit a yawn from some might be a very definition of excitement for others.

iloilo-smallvillel-900x600If you thought that Smallville only existed in the Superman universe, think again. Iloilo has its very own Smallville is Located at Benigno Aquino Avenue, you can reach Smallville through different forms of transportation in the city, the easiest and fastest way of getting there is taking the cab.

It is impossible for a taxi driver in the city to not know how to get to Smallville because it is known as the place that never sleeps. So, just say the magic word “Smallville” to the taxi driver and he’ll take you there. Now if you’re up for an adventure, you may take the jeepney and tricycle (local forms of transportation) in the area en route to Smallville.

Many of the Ilonggos considered this as the center of night life in the city, filled with upscale restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes. Party goers love to unwind with their friends after a frenetic day.

Originally, “Smallville” referred to the row of bars and restaurants beside the Iloilo Business Hotel but because new bars, restaurants and clubs were put up, the place has expanded. It is now popularly called Smallville Complex. If you’re in Iloilo, it’s impossible to miss this commerce and lifestyle hub.

This is where Ilonggos and visitors go to eat, drink and the center of night activity in the city of love.

20141118-injap-tower-hotelThen, the tallest and first hi-rise building in Western Visayas, 21-storey the Injap Tower Hotel by Hotel 101, promises a whole new perspective of staying in Iloilo city, and experiencing life’s goodness first hand. The facilities are available within your hands’ reach that will let you have the luxury of hotel indulgences without emptying your wallets. Whether you’d want a home away from home or a place of your dreams, it’s here where you’ll find such ideal haven.

Where you can have a beautiful view of the sparkling city lights above, the warm embrace of the tropical sun, busy street and people that you can see in your windowpane  and cars that  come and go; washing away the day’s every worry and care.
Strategically located in the historically prominent City of Iloilo, Injap Tower Hotel will serve as your urban sanctuary that will bring you into the new definition and expression of hotel living in the developing cosmopolitan city at the very heart of the Philippine Islands.

32245730 Iloilo Business hotel is also located at Benigno Aquino Avenue, Mandurriao Iloilo City.  A modern sanctuary in the heart of Iloilo’s lodging and dining life center. Tourists and business executives will surely enjoy the classy comfort of its elegantly designed rooms. Corporate facilities are ideal for crucial company functions. While conference or banquet rooms are perfect for gathering, whether it’s for pleasure or business, we will find everything you need right here at Iloilo business hotel.

Iloilo City is fast becoming a center for investment and developments that has high-rise buildings and commercial centers mushrooming in the city.

The city aims to expand and create frontiers of business growth and development in the region just the way everyone wants. We lived in the world where people are more competitive now than it used to be. These days, Ilonggos work harder and faster in order to reach their desired lifestyle.








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