Employment: Dreams Made

   In every aspect of our lives,  being able to provide for our daily needs seems to climb t our top priorities over the year. With everything around almost being instant and hi-tech, everyone expected for a better and comfortable life but never did they expected that with the comfort  new things can bring forth it will require higher worth than normal thus pulling living standards and finances in its peak. How can we survive this? Be employ ofcourse. One main things people should know that to be able to provide means one should have source of income. But finding a job is not easy as 1,2,3. It requires patience, skills and most importantly a place to work in. So, the case of Iloilo who within the span of a short time involved into a commercial prospect for job seekers and investors locally and internationally, does the employment rate commend the need of every Ilonggo to get employed?  Or does the unemployment rate crumble each dream for a better future?

Iloilo city has prosper within a short span of time with many big buildings ready for commercial use sprouting from left to right irking local and foreign investors in the city like buzzing bees seeking for honey. Within one year, Iloilo became a center for business, consumers and ofcouse job seeker. With new malls, restaurant and the like, Ilongos has found a new gate for prosperity. Job openings came rushing like big waves and in no time the unemployment rate in Iloilo decrease with big number.

On April 7, 2015 an article by Panay News states that unemployment rate dropped by 6% in the city from 6.6 in 2014. The number seems small but I did made a big difference from the previous state of unemployment in the city. In the other hand, underemployment or those people who are employed but wanted to have more working hours than usual dropped to 21.4 from 22.9 in January 2015.

Meanwhile the employment rate in Iloilo City soar to 94% last year from 93.4% in 2014.  More investors are coming in to Western Visayas, improving the employment situation in the region, the Department of Labor and Employment in Region 6 (DOLE-Region 6) said. The main reason for the sudden increased was sited as building construction frenzy in the city and suburbs resulting for hiring of more construction workers. With this being said, we can say that the labor force and those with lower ranks in the business caste is also benefiting from the uproar of economy in the city. Job opportunities are also opening in the fields of business process outsourcing offices (BPOs), English tutorial schools, and information technology-driven industrial companies as more investments are lured into the city.

With the previous things being said, you may realized that opportunity focuses on business establishments being put up in Iloilo especially those in the Iloilo Business park in Mandurriao. Iloilo Business Park (IBP) is a 72-hectare mixed use development project in Mandurriao district, Iloilo City, Philippines. It is developed by Megaworld Corporation and is the company’s first investment made outside Metro Manila. With the plans of a 12-storey Richmonde Tower, which will also house the 151-room Richmonde Hotel Iloilo; and the One Global Center and Two Global Center Towers. The three office towers will have an estimated combined leasable space inventory of 25,000 square meters the further seems really bright ahead.

he 12-storey Richmonde Tower, which will also house the 151-room Richmonde Hotel Iloilo; and the One Global Center and Two Global Center Towers. The three office towers will have an estimated combined leasable space inventory of 25,000 square meters.

With everything happening in Iloilo City’s fast growing economy, everyone was left asking how did it happened. In an explanation from llongo Weebly, it was said that despite the small land are and population and lack of sizable manufacturing industries, export oriented industry such as food processing Iloilo has a robust economy which mean middle class is expanding with a relatively low government dept and poverty incidence is getting smaller not to mention with the participation of the APEC Summit that was held in Iloilo last year.

Another reason for the sudden bust in economy was said as the blossoming of the car industry in the city. From the stats given in Ilongo Weebly, it was sad that As per Land Transportation Office report , in a matter of  12 months, more than 30,000 thousand vehicles are acquired in Iloilo City which is 66% up , whereas in Bacolod City , roughly 1000 increase which is 1% only. In Iloilo Province the increase is at 32% while in Negros has negative -3% although it is more populated than Iloilo. Aside from buying-car-like-crazy in Iloilo , Real Estate is also flourishing where thousand of condo units are sold out in matter of month. It is a common view in Iloilo Cityscape the blossoming Skyscrapers with resort-living features.


Everything seems bright in Iloilo this year but its inevitable that many are still sceptic of what is in store for the economy of Iloilo City but now one thing is for sure, slowly but gradually, this city is aiming for the highest. The unemployment rate being chopped off little by little brings a greater impact to those who are seeking for stable job at the same time as the employment rate rise up step by step means the success rate of getting a living is high. Iloilo City is one small city with a dream of big things. Building, commercial establishment, name it Iloilo is slowly acquiring everything to help with the economic growth and employment rate in the city and thus dreams aren’t crumble but rather made.














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