The Strangers, (INSPIRED) by a True Story Film


You might be wondering, what is the difference between (Inspired) and (Based)? Although this true story film had a pretty rough angle in the film industry and its critics. Many have questioned if “The Strangers”are actually real or just an imaginary thought. Nonetheless, it really hit big time. Let us investigate these horrifying masked assailants and their gruesome crimes.

The Strangers is a 2008 American horror film written and directed by Bryan Bertino and starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a young couple who are terrorized by three masked assailants.Produced on a budget of $9 million and after two postponements, the film was released theatrically in North America on May 30, 2008. It grossed $82.4 million at the box office worldwide.

The film opens with the statement: “What you are about to see is inspired by true events” and according to an online website on yahoo answers, Hollywood has sneakily made a difference between the words “based” and “inspired.” Apparently, inspired is made up while based on is truly based on a true story. “The Strangers” was a great movie in my opinion.However, it was “inspired” by a true story.

The Strangers was loosely based on various home invasion murders, including “The Manson Murders”based upon an Austrian couple that was murdered by three teenagers in their vacation home in The Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic murders, an Austrian couple that was terrorized in their vacation home by three teenagers and are later killed in the forest when they try to escape. But, a concrete source for this alleged crime has yet to be found other than countless blog postings, leading most people to believe that the story was engineered much like the Blair Witch Project, to give Directors a legal excuse to claim that it was based on a “True Story.”

The true story behind the new movie “The Strangers” is a mixture of house invasion incidents. One of the exampleswhere base on different movies: such as, “The killers”, a principle male assailant and female assistants that are also based upon Charles Manson and the Manson killings. Where the panic statement says, “There’s blood everywhere”! And the sound of911 phone calls come in with the “bounding of a chair and stabbings.” this was based on the killings in Cabin 28.

The basic story of a couple being terrorized by a group of people was also based on the famous killing in the Czech Republic, which was also made into a French Film titled Ils, translated to mean “Them.” So in the end The Strangers inspired by aTrue Story claim is definitely true, but a combination of several stories to appeal to general audiences. That’s Hollywood, but, as scary as it may be, also real life.

The one you saw in the movie is a bit more realistic than the real picture itself. The one in the movie where the male assailant is wearing a sack and two the wearing a doll mask is actually really catchy but in reality the family is wearing paper bags instead of sacks and masked dolls. And though their face looks scary in the movie but in reality they only look like a smiling face. But according to the writer and movie director Bryan Bertino in his production notes say that,

Bertino remembers that part of the story came to me from a childhood memory. As a kid, I lived in a house on a street in the middle of nowhere. One night, while our parents were out, somebody knocked on the front door and my little sister answered it. At the door were some people asking for somebody that didn’t live there. We later found out that these people were knocking on doors in the area and, if no one was home, breaking into the houses.

In The Strangers, the fact that someone is at home does not determine the people who’ve knocked on the front door; it’s the reverse.  You might be completely mind-blown already after you watch this movie. Inspired or based can be a bit confusing in the film industry regardless of what story or plot they had to capture there viewers attention . But as many are satisfied watching horror films, Hollywood made a difference, which technically inspired many.




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