A Worthwhile Assasination

Movies are usually watch for pleasure and relaxation and Filipinos are one of the many that likes watching film for a break and such. Every year, numerous movie of all genre swarm local theater houses waiting to be watch. Many see it because they like it while some are so up for the moment but there are few that is willing to critic. Movies vary from all aspect but there are only two classifications, a good one and a bad one.

Live actions became popular in Japan in the recent years. Live actions are movies or dramas based on popular manga or Japanese cartoons. These movies are different from usual ones because the characters and stories are based from manga which means its more unrealistic and had to film at the same time actors needs to resemble the original cartoon ones.

(Black Butler Live action)

(Death Note 2015 live action)

Last year, Assassination Classroom more popularly know as Ansastsu Kyoshitsu was made into live action and was released on March 21. The popular manga by Yusei Matsui is a story about class 3-E and their quest to assassinate their own homeroom teacher Koresensei.

The live action adaptation was directed by Eiichiro Hatsumi and had stated the filming last August. This live action has gained the attention of the many after the released of its first official trailer showcasing the almost real portrayal of the main villain Korosensei with CGs and visual effects.

The cast was picked through auditions and otaku ( avid fans ) were looking forward to the official released of who made it to the final call. Yamada Ryosuke from the famous J-pop group Hey!Say!JUMP nabbed the lead role and portayed Nagisa Shiota, the main protagonist of the movie. Yamada had acted in some drama and movies through his career but this one was his first big screen lead role. Despite being an idol and lack of experience, Yamada did an amazing work in portrayal of the fragile looking yet skilled assassin Nagisa Shiota.

Masaki Suda grabbed the role of Karma Akabane, one of the most skilful assassin of class 3-E. Masaki is currently gaining so much attention in Japan because of his awesome acting. Named as Heisei era’s dare devil actor for taking all sort of character and executing them all flawlessly, Masaki did a great job in portraying Karma.

In the other hand, Ninomiya Kazunari of the worldwide phenomenon J-pop group Arashi lend his voice as Korosensei. Korosensei is a carefree yet tremendously strong mutant teacher who announced to end the world on march if the class 3-E fails to assassinate him. Ninomiya is one of the top actors in Japan despite being an idol and with that being said, he ha brought Korosensei to life with much grace and talent.

The production and cinematography of the movie is superb. Just like any live actions, Assassination Classroom had bought everything from the manga to life despite how impossible it can be. Japanese live action are always noted to be the grandest and one the most amazing movies of all time with the release of Ruruoning Keshing ( Samurai X liveaction) and Black Butler in worldwide theater, Assassination Classroom has live up to the expectations of everyone.

The set was made with effort and style at the same time the design tea made sure to follow the place and made the clothes as near as in the manga to the delight of the avid readers of the popular anime. The actors had portrayed the character vey well in accordance to the manga and despite the script taken from the manga itself, the director recreated it with the a human touch.

For the OST or the original soundtrack, the group of the leading man Hey!Say!JUMP was tasked to sing it. In hand with the released of their newest single Sensa-tions the group shared their new song Koro-sensa-tions as the OST of the live action adaptation.

              The movie industry in Japan is expanding at the same time breaking new groups with fearless tackle. Live action adaptations are one of the many genre in the film industry that is hard to make with many things to consider but live actions like Assassination Classroom had proved that it can be possible. Live actions are all about bringing anime characters to life and Assassination Classroom did that. With the success it gained and the amazing work the crew and the cast did this live action adaptation is worth the critic. There are only two classifications of a movie, a bad one and a good one. Luckily, Assassination Classroom tipped to the latter.


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