Blazing Performance

Theater performances are that people who seek talent at the same time flawless execution watch. Theater and musical performances are kind of plays that are performed in a much closer range with the audience with live bands and live singing. These performances showcase the true skills of the actor for the barrier between the audience and them is diminished in the sense that mistakes and flaws are easy to pin point. With the modern era, theater performances and musicals had tacked new grounds in terms of every aspect and this had brought praised but at the same time criticism. Many musicals had spouted from different places and today one from Japan is picked to be judge. It’s the Black Butler Musical 3: The Lycrosis That Blaze The Earth 2014.

Black Butler of more famously knows as Korushitsuji is a manga by Yana Toboso that focuses on Ciel Phantomhive, a 13 year old hire of the Phantomhive household and his butler Sebastian Mechaelis, a demon in disguised. After the burning of the Phatomhive household, the death of his parents and being taken captive by pedophiles, Ciel seek the help of the demon Sebastian and made a contract with him for is revenge in exchange of his soul. The manga became popular in no time and it’s no surprise that a musical was planned for its adaptation.

There were two prior musicals before the 3rd installment which were in titles, His Butler, Friendship (2009)  and The Most Beautiful Death in The World (2011). Both were a success which lead to the production of a live action movie adaptation and a third musical installment. Black Butler musicals were considered one of the best musical adaption of anime and mangas because of its production value and neat execution especially by the cast. The cast had undergo many changes through out the musical installment especially the one playing the role of Ciel. The first Ciel from the first musical was 16 years old Shogo that was replaced by 14 years old Nishii Yukito which was agains replaced by the current Ciel 13 years old Nayuta Furuzaki. It was clear that choosing a right Ciel was hard for Ciel’s personality was way more mature than his actual age. Nayuta Furuzaki is a talented young actor and surprised everyone by his amazing portrayal of Ciel despite his young age. Nayuta gained the love and amazement of the audience in his first musical appearance after doing a great job in the giving Ciel a new take. Nayuta’s emotions were solid and on point at the same time he was calm and compose all through out the 35 stage performance run of the musical. He clearly knew who has to be in stage and delivered both in the acting and the signing department.

On the other hand, Matsushita Yuya had played the role of Sebastias since the very first musical which he was 19 years up to the 2014 run. We was dubbed as the best Sebastian Mechaelis by both the manga fan and the musical enthusiast. Unlike the past actors that were change for the character Ciel, Yuya remained because of many reasons. First was he has a great singing voice. Fans will always look forward to Sebastian’s solo song because of Yuya’s low and deep voice which he modulate from his true high pitch one. Second is that he acts really well. Sebastian’s character is a loyal and trustworthy demon slash butler and Yuya portrays it so nicely with the touch of humor here and there that the audience really like. Lastly is that he resembles Sebastian so much. Anime musical adaptations usually take for challenge than normal musicals because the actors needs to look the same with the original manga one and Yuya did a great job in that department.

The 2014 musical focuses on the story of Jack the Reaper who had cause a serious damage to London with a bunch of serial killing of women which was in end found out as Griell and Ciels aunt Madame Red. Madame red  was portrayed by Akabane Liv that did a tremendous great job while doing so. This character was one of the new characters that was introduced during the 3rd installment and everyone was excited after the released of the official character pictures and Liv didn’t disappoint. She was the live existence of Madame Liv not mention how powerful and beautiful her voice was. Liv did a great job in conveying the hatred and regret Madame Red’s character have and it’s a fact that everyone was leave breathless and amazed after the musical.

Black Butler is also famous about setting fashion trend in Japan especially Ciel’s clothing. The props  and design during the musical was on point and superb just like the past Black Butler musical. One of the thing that captured the hearts of the audience though was the song line up. With a much serious and dark concept and storyline, the songs drifted into low and aggressive tones that was well executed by the cast especially Yuya.

All in all the 3rd installment of the Black Butler Musical: The Lycrosis That Blazes The Earth 2014 didn’t disappoint rather it live the expectation of the waiting audience. Musicals in Japan had taken a great leap from the normal one as they tackle anime and manga adaptation that had more tedious and thorough preparation but just like any musical from this country, The Lycrosis That Blazes The Earth made a statement of success with its 2015 re run. Musicals are a different way appreciating the art of theater performance and Black Butler musical 2014 added a deeper depth into it, a truly blazing performance.


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