Budots Rave

Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture.

Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin.

Dance craze or fad dances are dances which are characterized by a short burst of popularity, while novelty dances typically have a longer-lasting popularity based on their being characteristically humorous or humor-invoking, as well as the sense of uniqueness which they have.

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“Budots” is one of the main stream dance craze that even now a days, many people are still interested on dancing that kind of dance.

If some country like USA taught us how to dance “Teach me How to Doggie” and South Korea has “Gangnam Style”, Philippines has also its dance craze, specifically the davaoenos has the “Budots”.

The term budots is the slang word for “tambay”, which means people having no jobs or permanent jobs. They have their time to think any senseless thing that eventually makes sense and creating a name to the whole country.

The dance was trademarked “Budots” because of the folks who started it called “tambays” in a small barangay in Davao City.

Barangay Camus in Davao is a small silent town until the techno music plays that signals the whole town folks to get out of their houses to dance “Budots”.

“Budots” is a combination of a tribal dance and a Pinoy’s imagination that gave the first its modern twist.  The steps look freestyle but they’re actually based on the Badjao dance.   Badjao drum beat mixed with techno music equals “Bistik” or Bisayan Tikno (how a person that speaks Bisaya would pronounce techno).  And for those who are not conscious, Bisaya is the dialect that Davaoeños speak.


Badjao is the name of the tribe that lives in the Sulu region of southern Philippines.  They are also called the sea nomads because they live upon the sea.  They live in Bangka houses on the Sulu seas.

In the past, life had been hard because they had always been an easy target for the Moro pirates and unwelcome neighbors of the Tausugs, the proud and fearless race of Moros that live upon the land. At present, life is hard because they are losing the battle against huge fishing boats and dynamite fishing.

Talking about the Badjaos and the Tausog would be fine, but the main focus here is the dance called “Budots” ”.

What really caught my attention is its history and the fact that Filipinos, no matter what the rest of the world say about us, continues to prove that we have our own- own design, own culture, own dance; that we will never be satisfied to just dance what other countries have made popular; that we have to have our own.

The dance that was started by just a group of guys in a small town became the country’s new craze.

Once again the Pinoy’s love for dance made us defy social status or educational background.  We dance because we love to dance.  It doesn’t matter who started it.

The bottom line here, is the mentality of the Filipinos how to relieve their bored stiff by creating a dance without destroying others vicinity. Instead, pursuing other people to join and only having one thing on mind. And that is for happiness.

“Budots” is just only an instrument used by the Filipinos that even we are in the dominance of the foreign countries in some aspect; we have that mentality to make our own. Even in a simple way, just like dancing. It is the only way how we introduce ourselves as a Filipino.

Maybe some might say that it is so awkward to dance that way, but when you try to realize, the way we dance budots is just like expressing our self in a an awkward way. In this case if you are not shy of dancing this thing, you are true Filipino rather than diverting your attention to those foreign countries. In the first place, if you are fond of liking foreign things, it is not the Philippines who benefits it but rather the foreign countries.

Loving some Filipino cultures and arts like dancing is one of the finest attitudes we can possess.

“Budots” is not only for the Davaoenos but it is for the whole country, and we can also say it’s a world class dance because in the first place, if it’s made by the Filipinos, we believe it is world class.





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