Cold Eyes (Korean Movie 2013)

Directed by: Jo Ui-seok and Kim Byeong-seo


The story revolves along with Han ( Han Hyo-Joo),who possesses a number of observation skills including the ability to remember almost anything,  she is the newest member of the Special Crimes Unit that are largely unarmed and don’t wear uniforms, their division avoids arresting criminals and focuses exclusively on following them around to gather information.This unit led by their Chief Hwang ( Seol Kyung Goo) who plays the unit’s tough but warm-hearted leader who gradually forms a close partnership with Ha as they attempt to track down a dangerous individual called James (Jung Woo-sung) who is the leader of a criminal organization that takes orders from a mysterious broker to conduct a number of heists.

Their field team is small and close-knit, held together by a wizened father figure who works Intel close to the action and the requisite mother figure who provides support from her high-tech office of nerds and technological wizardry. They have a key to the city with access to every CCTV camera as well as state-of-the-art body and motion recognition software, which surprisingly aids them little when they find out that their villain is smart enough to travel only in blind spots where the cameras can’t see.
Their main villain lies in James (Jung Woo-sung), a professional and extremely intelligent criminal who specializes in circumventing surveillance systems and seamlessly pulling off high-risk crimes with his own specialized team. He doesn’t directly involve himself in the action, preferring to plan everything out with mathematical precision so he can watch the events unfold from various rooftop perches.


You will see in this film how they obtained evidence with the memory of Han and the CCTV Footage that they collected on how they hunt James. They reinvent the procedural crime thriller by bringing police work into the modern age.

Remember Everything, It’s what the movie offer that let you feel like you’re also one of the detectives after you watch this film.







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