Cuando Bailo (When I Dance)


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When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole, that is why I dance.



Like any art, dance is allows someone to express themselves, that’s why so many people are drawn to it.
I know when I am upset, angry or stressed I just want to go to dance. Once I start to move all of my problems go away. I feel powerful.

To dance is to be out of you. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
Dance for me is just plain expressing myself. Letting go of everything and just putting it out there. Sometimes when I dance all the bad things that are happening or things that are stressing me out just disappear kind of. If I’m mad instead of lashing out I put on some weird music and just go with the flow. When I’m sad, I’ll put on slow contemporary songs and when I’m happy I put on upbeat fun music.
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In my life dance means EVERYTHING to me, without I don’t know how far I would get in this world.

I think it plays a role in everyone’s life, you can just escape this crazy world we are living in and turn it right side up and have fun. Sometimes people dance for the heck of it, but I think they really want to escape this place too sometimes. What I like the most is the type of dance which tells a story, from the word itself Interpretative dance.

Some people express their emotions if they go extreme by dance. I am one of them. Also it’s like a sort of exercise and it freshen you up. Dance is important and one should dance as if no one is seeing because it is the expression that unfolds the goodness of one’s soul and the extreme energy channelize in a good constructive road .It not only makes one healthier but more stronger and confident from within.
It is a free expression to show the world that yes we can make a difference in our life and bring happiness to others life also.

Dance is such a great way to express you. I dance about 3 times a week and I know that whenever I’m having a bad day or i don’t feel good, when i go to dance, I’ll be able to throw myself into my dancing and forget about everything. It’s so good emotionally. You can just dance through it. Not only that but it’s so much fun! As you learn more and progress as a dancer, you feel more confident and make new friends! It strengthens your mind too. I’ve never met a dancer that isn’t smart. They may be “blonde” (if you catch my drift) but not stupid. You have to work your mind to be able to remember steps and corrections to get better.

Many dances have so many rules but some people like it because they find something to express.
I learned to dance “free spirit” a long time ago, where there are no rules, the only aim is that you express yourself, your feelings and emotions, even your inhibitions, in a dance you do with eyes closed so no-one should see what you’re doing, so you won’t be judged. The idea is to lose yourself in the movement until you become the dance itself – difficult to explain, but it works. You lose all contexts to the outer world, just moving the way you feel and feeling free to do so.
Dance to me is a wonderful way to allow myself to be who I am. I think this is also how people first danced, just to drums or whatever, the basic instruments they had, and moving themselves to be free of constraints of daily life. Dance / movement can help to achieve a sense of “I can do this” if you are in a situation where you need to make a choice, know what you prefer but are doubtful about your choice. You will possibly find different perspectives.


Dance practically is my life. Dancing is a creative way to express emotion and energy. Dances can be elegant and smooth or upbeat and percussive. Practicing over and over makes me feel proud when I’m up on stage performing. Dancing overall is just really fun and it benefits health, is good for all ages, and is a way to relieve stress. It improves balance, coordination, and gives you muscle tone

Dance is just so much fun and I think it’s something really important for teen agers like me to do!


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