K-pop: A Genre of Everything

As the world evolves so does everything about it and everything in it. It may be changing taste in food, or style of clothing or even the way everyone speak. Everything is drifting away from the past and is gliding slowly to the future and music genre is no exception, in fact its one of the most frequent changer. Today, as the 2016 started music did a relevant leap. Many different kinds of genre has spouted at the same time vanished but there is one that seems keep on getting bigger and bigger with no sings of abolishment; Korean pop, more popularly known as K-pop.

K-pop is a music genre which originated from Seoul, South Korea. This music genre consist of colourful music videos, unique clothes, out of the world concept, catchy songs, and most importantly dancing and singing good looking boys and  girls in groups.

Production value for K-pop music video usually exceeds those of the USA. Ranging from $300k- $500k its no joke to produce one music video. These numbers might eave you scratching your heads on why it gets this expensive. Well, the production team doesn’t only consist a director, cameraman and the like, K-pop music video production team usually goes on with production designer, arts designer, set dresser, stylist, costume designer and so on. K-pop music video have more style and give more attention to design than any kind of music video which is also one reason of why it’s expensive which will lead us to another factor of why K-pop is popular; unique clothing and out f the world concept.

K-pop  is considered as a trend setter both in music and also in fashion. K-pop artist usually flaunt clothes that’s hard to digest for a common person’s perspective or like some people will put it, a fashion only K-pop artist can pull. These clothes are usually connected to their concept and concepts are really important in the K-pop genre. Every time a group makes a comeback (this is what K-pop fans call a new release or new album) new concepts are introduced at the same time new trends are made.

Clothes like the one from the picture above is uncommon to western kind of music video but normal to a K-pop one. Red Velvet, the group above did a Little Red Riding Hood concept  for their song  Dumb Dumb Dumb under their album The Red released last 2015.

One of the most talk about concept though was Orange Caramel’s Catallana music video where the girls were transformed into sushi.

In the boys department, trend setter like Big Bang and SHINee lead the K-pop industry into cool yet unusual clothes for male like this one from the very famous G-Dragon. His hair in their Fantastic Baby music video gained praised at them same time criticism.

In the case of SHINee, they are the one who popularized the shinny jeans trend in K-pop and in Korea. In their Dream Girl music video, the five boys of SHINee dances with microphone stands wearing their floral skinny jeans like it’s the most normal thing to be done.

Another edge of K-pop is that groups usually produced catchy songs. Any of you might ask why K-pop is popuar despite of the language barrier right? Well, K-pop songs are catchy enough for fans to bob with despite not understanding a thing. K-pop song are usually dance song that means it’s usually energetic and hype up. Songs like Fanstastic Baby, No body, Gangnam Style and Gentleman proved that the hype K-pop songs bring can cross the language barrier through enjoyinh and song music.

The list can go on for miles on why K-pop is popular but will  be ending on this one. K-pop music is usually sung by groups of girls and boys who under go training with various music company. There is what they call Big 3 in Korean which are the largest and the most successful entertainment company in Korean namely SM entertainment where Super Juniors, Girls Generation and SHINee came from. There is also YG entertainment where Big Bang, 2Ne1 and PSY came from. Lastly, there is JYP entertainment where Wonder girls, Miss A and GOT7 came from. This entertainment company does yearly auditions to look for perfect and talented Korean lad that is willing to train under them and hopefully debut. K-pop had produced talented a the same time good looking artist. To be a K-pop artist one should know how to sing or rap, dance well and of course look good. These things are the reasons that separate K-pop into mainstream Western genre for K-pop have more depth and more things to offer than mere music.

K-pop is expanding and growing with the tick of the clock and with it’s vast popularity millions of people around the world is going wild for it. Concerts in Korea and also overseas goes sold out in 30 seconds and every release tops charts and my more. K-pop is genre that has depth and story. K-pop is genre that brings forth many things. K-pop as a music genre is full of surprises and colour that’s why its not surprising why it gotten so much fame in the past years. Lasty, K-pop is not only all about PSY and Gangnam style rather K-pop is an expression of art, fashion,dance and talent all at them same time, a genre of everything.


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