Politics Like No Other

Have you ever imagined swapping bodies with someone? Well as television shows and drama swarm the prime time seen in the country nowadays not to mention the flooding in of international dramas from Korean and Japan its not impossible to happen. With handsome leading man and beautiful leading lady, dramas nowadays tackle more interesting plots that focuses usually on love stories and the like.  Filipinos are now bombarded by different kind of shows with different and interesting story lines but sadly only few have lessons and good things with them but luckily this drama that came all over from Japan had a handful of those good insight and humour at the same time.

J-dramas or Japanese dramas had became famous in the recent years. Containing episodes usually just ranging from10 to 12 as the highest, Japanese dramas are easy go to ones. J-dramas usually tackle plots like school life, slice of life, politics and fantasy which are a rare thing for dramas nowadays. Japanese drama is said to be dramas that approaches in a much human way than any genre for it doesn’t sugar coat things too much rather the plots are usually crazy because it seems so true and Tamiou or Prime Minister in English is one great example.

Tamiou is a drama produced by Tv Asahi in 2014 with 8 episodes all in all. This drama focuses on the story of a father and son who unexpectedly swapped bodies due to a hard hit of a frying pan to the son and a toothache from the father that triggered their brainwaves to change. Endo Kenichi plays the role of the father Muto Taizan who was recently elected as the 100th prime minister of Japan. Taizan’s character is a tough and justice seeking politician who was changed by the current flow of politics in Japan that made him forgot his true bearings and his aim to change Japan through peace and Justice. Kenichi did a really good job portraying the strict father role but what captured the reader was his portrayal of the character of his 24 year old clumsy son. Kenichi really became a 24 year old in the eye of the viewers which earned him praised and award of best actor in the recent Japanese Entertainment award Show.

Meanwhile the rising star of the Heisei era actors Masaki Suda took the role of the 24 year old clumsy and slow thinker son of the prime minister. Muto Sho’s character is a bubbly, care free and slow witted university student that usually causes trouble because of his slow thinking. Suda was superb during his portrayal especially during the scene when he suddenly swapped bodies again with his father. His transition from the slow witted Sho to the aggressive Prime Minister had left everyone speechless on how he manage to change his acting and demeanor.

The other things that spice up the drama was its humor especially from the prime minister’s secretary Kaibara and Kariyan. Also the other cast like the bodyguard Nita was a big laugh for the drama series.

This drama focuses of the political side of Japan. It tackled the process of gaining votes for the prime minister election and the important role of a leader for a country to progress but at the same time, the drama also showed that not all leaders should be strict because Sho despite being a slow witted lad had manage to move people’s heart through his kind and good gestures while he was in his father’s body as the prime minister. Sho showed that some people only needs kind gesture and soft words to be moved and nothing can beat a good and pure intention.

Being a political drama, Tamiou has inspired many in Japan and had created a positive uproar. Despite being a 12 am drama, the ratings of this drama doesn’t lie on how popular it became and its April spin off this year proves on how the Japanese people craves for more political discussion with humorous add ons.

All in all, Tamiou is a well balanced drama. It served the public with discussion and political idea at the same time offering good laugh and relaxation as a mid night drama. Tamoiu is one of the drama this era is needing. Something that tackles serious subjects with a touch of ease and smile. Surely politics was never the same after Tamiou and all you need to do is watch this drama to know it first hand.



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