Problem: Improper Waste Disposal


basura.pngDump trash problem of some people from their backyard which cause them to have a unhealthy lifestyle. Trash is becoming a larger and larger problem for us and for the environment. As we continue to waste more and more, we use more natural resources and increase pollution in our world.


Our environment is currently changing. There is no denying that. However, as our environment changes, so does the need to become increasingly aware of the problems that surround it. With a massive influx or natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, different types of weather patterns and much more, people need to be aware of what types of environmental problem our planet is facing.

In our environment the most commonly problem in our surroundings is Improper Waste Disposal. The over consumption of resources and creation of plastics are creating a global crisis of waste disposal. Developed countries are notorious for producing an excessive amount of waste or garbage and dumping their waste in the ocean and less developed countries. Nuclear waste disposal has tremendous health hazard associated with it. Plastic fast food, packaging and cheap electronic waste threaten the well being of humans. Waste disposal is one of urgent current environmental problem.

By the improper waste disposal their are many causes and effects to the people. Contributing causes of improper waste management are ignorance of people proper waste disposal. People are unaware of consequences of their unwise acts. Laziness one of the traits of the people can cause improper garbage disposal because people not following the correct rules of proper waste disposal their always throw it what place they want and they have so care what will be the effect on it. By greed of people also cause improper garbage disposal for example burning of tires of wheel and plastic instead of keeping it or trade the excess automobile car tires to maximize on it. Many of any effects of improper waste disposal are commonly affects our health, like lung diseases, heart problems, skin irritations, problem or abnormality in breathing. It is badly affects to human health impacts and brings infections to human like skin irritations and blood infections resulting from direct contact with waste, and transmitting bacteria from waste to infected wounds. Eye irritations and respiratory malfunctions resulting from exposure to infected dust, especially during the process of disposing garbage. Pests and insects that carry bacteria comes from dirty waste like flies breed in some constituents of solid waste, and flies are very effective vectors that can spread disease to humans. Mosquitoes also breed in blocked drains and in rainwater or dirty sea’s that is retained in discarded tires cans and other objects. Mosquitoes spread disease, including malaria and dengue that killed thousand of people in every year. Rats find shelter and food in waste dumps and canals. Rats consume and spoil foods and can damage the crops of farmers or crops of people that have business on it, spread disease, damage electrical cables and other materials and inflict unpleasant bites to humans.

It is very sad to know that many lives have been sacrificed because of these calamities that have come. Many places in the Philippines are down to flood every time when typhoon comes. And worst, a large number of families have lost their shelters and have nothing left for them. Their wealth was ruined by those storms, flood, and etc. Many kinds of diseases occur because of untidy surroundings. Others can no longer smell the breath of fresh air. All of those are the effects of improper waste management. There are still many of them actually. Imagine a single piece of candy wrapper can cause a flood to a certain area when you throw it anywhere and others do it also. There are causes by human activities. And now they are asking themselves why it is happening to them? Other has the guts to accuse our government for poor response. But yes, our government has their own failures but they are not only the one to blame. Ask yourself first how much waste you throw anywhere you want before blaming others. Only immature people will think that they are innocent or what is happening to our country in terms of improper waste management.

People waste management can be successfully done not only by the program of the government. We can also do it inside and outside our place. If we know how to use it by the concept of waste hierarchy, fewer problems will be encountered. Stop barking at the people and do our thing first. The cleanliness and orderliness of our country is in the hands of every Filipinos. Let be our doings be the model of proper waste disposal.


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