REIL CERVANTES- From Nothing to Everything

Being a benchwarmer even you are a great player is one of the most embarrassing feeling of all, most especially in Basketball. You’ve been proven yourself that you have those skills to win games and even championships before. But while the time passed by, you didn’t notice that there are some uprising star that is greater than you. It doesn’t matter how you help your team to gather those rings before. And it doesn’t matter how much worth you have in the team. In this case, you, as a great player before should uplift yourself on the graveyard of forgotten. And put a tremendous comeback to overcome those of being forgotten.

Reil Cervantes, (born August 16, 1986) is a Filipino professional basketball player currently playing for Blackwater Elite in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). He was a graduate of Far Eastern University alongside with the explosive scorer and one of the best point guard in PBA, Terence Romeo. He was drafted 9th by Barangay Ginebra Kings in the 2011 PBA draft and a little stint on Barako Bull Energy (Phoenix Fuel Masters now.)


With a height of 6 feet and 4 inches, Cervantes playing as a small forward and sometimes playing as power forward. Cervantes can drain a shot behind the tree point line and also a smart post-up player. With those long arms, Cervantes is a good defender on the paint but not as much on the perimeter area.

Before jumping on the pro-league (PBA), Reil Cervantes was playing for the FEU Tamaraws but unfortunately didn’t win the championship.

The Far Eastern University standout took a glimpse on PBA D-League Aspirants Cup with the Big Chill Super Chargers.

Prior to the start of the conference after his uneventful stint in the professional league, where he was drafted by Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings in 2011 but had little playing time with the Gin Kings before being left unsigned after a stint with Barako Bull. Big Chill’s faith in the 27-year-old Cervantes, was paying off.

reil 2

Head coach Robert Sison said Cervantes’ pick-up is vital to the team, which lost its explosive scorer in reigning UAAP Most Valuable Player Terrence Romeo, himself a product of FEU, to the pro ranks. “He has been very big for us,” said Sison of the 6-4 forward. “Leadership is one thing that he brings. Then, he is very vocal on what he feels. He is imposing and he can convince its fellow teammates.” “He is an energy guy for us,” said Sison. Cervantes has been a big factor for Big Chill in scoring and rebounding while leading the Superchargers to the best record in the league at 10-1, the solitary loss coming at the hands of powerhouse NLEX. “He is one of the reasons why we are on top of the standings. We are not really number one because we have been beaten by NLEX Road Warriors but still, he is our glue-guy,” said Sison. With the way he is playing with Big Chill, Sison believes Cervantes can make it back to the PBA again. “Reil has tremendous talent and potential. It just so happened that the breaks haven’t goes with him on the PBA. If there’s a scout that could see him, the way he played on D-League, he has a good chance at coming back in the PBA,” said Sison. “The team who would pick him will be very lucky,” said Sison

He was one of the biggest reasons why the Big Chill Super Chargers was known and having that success could anyone wanted for.

After his stint on the D-League Aspirants Cup, REIL Cervantes knows that second chances are hard to come by. That’s why the 28-year-old cager is cherishing the opportunity that Kia has given him.

His team might be the weakest team among the teams on PBA because of the fact that it is an expansion team and having none great players.

Cervantes felt his breakout performance was long overdue after coming in averaging a team-leading 14.9 points along with 5.2 boards, and 1.7 assists in 28.5 minutes.

Cervantes has waited longer for his return to the PBA after being away for a while. The ninth overall pick in the 2011 draft, Cervantes had an uneventful stint in the professional league with Barangay Ginebra and Barako Bull, leaving him unsigned after his rookie contract expired. That prompted him to play his trade in the D-League, where he saw a revival of his career to make it back to the PBA as Kia’s second overall pick in this year’s expansion draft.

. “I am very thankful to the Lord that he has given me a chance to come back on my dream,” Cervantes said. “I will never do it again, being a coward and weak one even I have that power and strength to do so.” That definitely makes him an early candidate for Comeback Player of the Year award. “Hoping I could get it,” Cervantes said.

Currently, Reil Cervantes is playing for the Blackwater Elite. He was traded from the Kia Carnival (now is Mahindra Enforcer) to the Blackwater Elite, and he was traded for Alex Nuyles.

reil 3

He said he found a home with the Blackwater Elite, making him a great player that he was before. A much better scorer, rebounder, motivator, teammate and most especially a much better player. Even though he doesn’t get the Comeback Player award, he proves that he can come up with those big shots while the time is crucial, he can change the phase of the game and he can win games, not only by his lonesome but also with the help of his teammates and the coaching staff of the Blackwater Elite.

He can prove to all people and also to the bandwagon fans of the Blackwater Elite that he is there and he does exist also. Even though they couldn’t get the championship for now, by the time passed by, they can because he believe that he doesn’t came back for nothing, he came back for something, and that something is getting that Championship trophy.





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