The Quintessence of Hand Weaving

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The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.

-William Faulkner

Have you ever been confused about the purpose or meaning behind a certain piece of art? In my opinion, art is viewed many different ways. The artist will create a piece of art with a certain intended meaning, but it will most likely not be viewed in that way. When a spectator views a piece of art, they take into account their past experiences, and since everyone has gone through different things, their interpretations are different, as you can imagine. The nature of art is created when the artist intends one thing, but the spectator sees the art differently; and therefore changes the meaning when they spread their personal opinions.

I would define art as transferring creativity and imagination into tangible
manifestations, whether it is music, paintings, sculptures, drawings, portraits, or
dance. Art comes in many colors, themes, sizes, styles, and forms. Much of this, I
think, is due to the individual artist’s social interaction, ethnic and cultural
background, and social status. This could’ve held true for the past as well, but in
today’s world, the amount of time exposed to informational media
(television/radio news, computers with internet access) have to be added to the list
of influences. I believe that all these can have an influence or impact on how a
contemporary artist of today may express him/her self.
The great masters of art from the past stood out from the rest because of a
smaller world population and lack of televisions, telephones, and other electronic
devices that would have been tremendous distractions. They had all or most of
their time available to focus on being creative, much unlike today’s fast-paced

There are many aspects of art, literature, dance, science, etc. that have gotten society to where it is today. We have come from the days where owning a slave was normal, to serving prison time for treating someone unequally. Art has influenced our society ever since the past began being recorded. Cave paintings have been found all over the world. These findings prove people felt the need to express themselves in ways other than words.
Art has seemingly lost a lot of its importance in the current world. Before television, radio, and cell phones art was one of the only forms of entertainment available.

Museo Iloilo as one of the prestigious art museum here in Iloilo brought its historical heritage which composes different kinds of native products Spanish-era Filipino sculpture, the view of how people lived before and everything.

What gets my attention is the sculpture of the Hablon Maker (Handloom weaving) . Believing that it is done by  Ilonggo artist and artificer.

Hablon is not really that famous among the provinces here in Iloilo but somehow Cooperatives make way to help those residents of a multi-unit housing complex own shares in the corporation that owns the property, rather than owning their own units. There is one barangay here in Iloilo who manages to run a Cooperative through Handloom weaving, the name of the Barangay is said to be Salngan which is located at Oton, Iloilo.

Salngan, a barangay in Oton town, about 30 minutes from the city proper, Barangay Salngan has 97 households with 450 individuals. It is the smallest village among the 37 barangays covered by the Municipality of Oton. Before the community and enterprise development program came, it is as if the community never exists. Whose older women have put up a Women’s Center where they weave and teach younger women the age-old craft

Shawls, scarfs, handkerchiefs, and fabrics for Barong Tagalog, gowns, are just among the many that the hablon women create for clients who have special designs made.

You can have your own design woven by the hablon women of Salngan. Get in touch with representative, if you need assistance.The black and silver shawl sells for P300-P450 a piece.

It is handwoven. It is rare. It is pretty. And it is made by the women of Salngan, which gives hope for the barangay. And the rest of Iloilo’s weaving towns.

Even though artist create wonderful pieces of artwork with a specific meaning in mind, the world will most likely view it in a different way, whether it is a common thing, a piece of art, or a piece of literature. However, this is what makes art such a unique concept. No matter who looks at it, everyone can have their own opinion and never be wrong, since art is meant to be interpreted. Every time a new spectator views a piece of art, a new, deeper meaning is added to what the artist originally intended.

Artists are central to cultural, political and social discourses in the world. They are here not only to inspire us, but to provoke us as well.





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