Anti-depressant Track

Music has and will always be a part of the lives of many people. When we’re sad, when we’re happy, music will be there to be with us. Listening to music is our last resort whenever we’re depressed over a certain problem that we’ve just encountered. There are even studies saying that music (therapy) can improve the mental health of people with depression. And that’s how powerful music is.

I am a kind of person that would rather listen to my anti-depressant playlist rather than telling the world how lonely my life is. Believe it or not but I have a list of music wherein all you could hear are songs that could empower and inspire people to do better despite of all the bad things that happened and is happening at the very moment.

There are more than five songs that I really love but the song that I could consider as my topmost favorite is “Only Gets Better” by Maddi Jane. I don’t even know if most of you are even familiar with it or even with the singer itself. This song has been my chill pill. This song tells a lot about what life really is and that whatever it is or it might be, everything will always get better.

“Life has so many ways of letting us down,” as what is stated on the first stanza of the song. Yes, it’s true. There are so many things that might upset and disappoint us, but that’s reality. That’s what life really is and that we should keep in mind that there’s no such thing as permanent in life. Not because you’re happy right now, you’ll also be happy later. No, life is neither a protagonist or antagonist. In other words, life is not white nor black, but it’s gray.

As for the refrain of the song, “There is hope when you can’t grow. You’re not alone. Just smile, let go.” It’s not just you who are experiencing that kind of dilemma. There are so many people in this world, and you’ll never know, the person beside you is also having that kind of feeling that you’re having at that exact moment. Stop thinking that you’re unlucky or karma just slapped you in your face because it’s really not the reason why.

The whole stanza two is really on point, “I know we make mistakes and think it’s too late to take a stand and find our courage once again.”. We’re all knowledgeable with the reasons why there’s such thing as mistakes and why do people commit mistakes. As long as you’re alive and you’re still breathing, it’s never too late to change and to speak for yourself on why you did that certain mistake.

“I know what you’re feeling. Life’s about give and take. Try your best to keep calm and have a little faith.”. I fell in love more deeply with the song because of the bridge. The sadness that you’re feeling right now will eventually fade away only if you’ll not dwell on it and keep re-reading the page wherein almost all the things that you’ve been through made you feel like you’re nothing. Stay calm and never stop believing in yourself. You’ll get through that life-loathing phase of your life. That too, shall pass.

I must say that this song is underrated. Not all people have an idea that this song is even existing. All you need is to believe on what you’re capable of doing. Keeping in mind that if you really want other people to believe in you, you should also believe in yourself that the pain that you’re experiencing is temporary and will never stay in your life. Life is just a matter of hoping and having a strong faith in all the things that you’re doing. As what’s stated on the last line, “It can only get better”. Everthing’s going to be okay in the end. If it’s not yet okay, then it’s not yet the end.


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