Artist in Disguise

By: Lovellia M. Luminate


Did you ever dream to be a painter? And have you ever paint simple scenery or simple things that really amaze yourself? Have you tried holding a paint brush and your idea was just coming out in your mind with images that can’t stop your hands to move just to paint. The colors and things that going around your head. You paint that really inspires you very much. An artist is known to be its artistic ways on writing or even a single stroke.

Paintings are like writing your feelings towards to a person you admire. Sketching of what you want to be or things that you want to paint such your favorites. Picture out those memories that keep on your mind; releasing those good images that come up on your head. Every strokes of brush you feel that you are very careful on portraying those images to be one of the perfect piece you have.

A Hotel and Restaurant Management student, Chris Jamen Clementir was an artist in disguise of his master piece. He is just a simple artistic student when he was in high school; he draws and sketches things and his favorite anime characters. He is just an ordinary student with a good talent in art. He had this dream to become an artist in art; so as the help of his teacher in high school he help him to widen and expose him in doing art. To improve his skills in painting and drawing; He learn a lot to his art teacher very much. He was teaching young kids to improve his talents in art; every summer he helps them to be more creative and artistic in their own talent in doing art. He even design an organize parties, weddings and other occasions that really fit to him to decorate an artistic design.

His artistic talents help him to be more artistic being a HRM student he decorate cakes and plating’s in food he cook. He doesn’t have this dream to be a chef someday; but he is doing this for his mother. Because at those moment his mother want him to graduate soon even just in one course that can really help him when he migrate in Canada. So he becomes a HRM student but his talent always remains in his heart and he is doing it will and more improving. That one day he can have his course that really fits him as an artist.


This painting he paint it was his second painting exhibit and these seven paintings; when he is on now in Canada. He painted this lake side in Canada that really memorable to him. This is the first thing he saw when he first arrived in the place where her mother working for a years now. And when they migrate in this place it feels his heart complete together when he now that his brothers and mother would be completely together again for many years from now.

He have also many paintings now, he draw portray of a girl walking in a park. While he was walking along to the park to familiarize those roads. But the same time they said that maybe the woman he portraying are the girl who inspires him; the kind of dream girl he wants. He also paint his favorite song artist Bob Marley with dark background but a colorful one face that combine the colors of green, yellow, red and white. Bob Marley was his favorite song artist and he really admires him so much because of its music that he really can relate by his self. He said its kind weird but he learns to sing his songs and collect some Bob Marley collections. He mostly painted nature or seas, lake together with a very colored orange skies and sunset will came. Because he always remember sunset the set in Iloilo that he would never forget even his far. Like he will never forget the people who help him to improve his self and help him to stand when he was down. And this painting he did his inspiration are the people who he left but always in his heart that remain and he will never forget.

Art is depending on how people create their art, on how the way sees it. Those keep inspiring them on creating that such wonderful art. That people can really marked their self as a good artist and to the people who saw their skills in painting such amazing sceneries.

-759 Words

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