Lately I’ve been spending my night till past midnights getting hooked with the three part Japenese movie entitled “Death Note”. Alloting this much time to a movie knowing it is a Japanese movie is not really my thing. But there is a certain urge that thrills me to give attention and focus while watching. It’s just that I can’t take to missed even a second.

“THE HUMAN WHOSE NAME IS WRITTEN IN THIS NOTEBOOK WILL DIE” – a line showed in the beginning part of the movie. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this at first. Maybe because I didn’t know that this is based on the very popular manga-series. That does not give me any hint about it. Reading that sentence from the notebook got me saying, “okay, this is another story portraying good and evil things, so predictable!”  It seems predictable but keeping an eye on the story really makes me more intrigued and wonder.It started with the setting in Japan that faces several mysterious deaths one by one, criminals start to die from a heart attack. Nobody can explain how it’s possible, but everyone believes that a bringer of peace they start to call ‘KIRA’ is responsible. The only one who knows the truth is law student Light Yagami.

The casting is almost perfect. Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami did good in acting but I was amazed how he portrayed his evil side to change the world as Kira. His emotions and eagerness to have peaceful world by killing criminals was so believable that gives the film more excitement. He is really a great actor by making me feel disgusted with his way of killing.

In the part that Light found a strange notebook called ‘Death Note’ lying on the ground. A notebook which brings a speedy demise to anybody whose name is entered within will die. This stuck me as being neither very original nor particularly intriguing. However, after a humdrum opening things pick up considerably.

After testing it, Light discovers that the power of the notebook is real. Along with the notebook, comes its initial owner, a flying Death God called Ryuk, that only Light can see. As Light has put upon himself the quest to free the world from evil, his father who is commissioner of police has been assigned to investigate Kira. He gets the help from L, the best detective in the world, who nobody has ever seen before.

Ken’ichi Matsuyama as L has also proven himself to be the most proper opponent. It is hard for me to explain his acting in this film. I just love how weird he handled his mobile phone.  Honestly, he is my favorite character because of his investigative skills, being a mysterious type and most of all, his one of a kind gesture. The main example of this is how we first see him half way through the film. How he personifies the character, make him come to life. Besides, seeing all of the sweets he had to eat during the film, I am wondering how he did not put on any weight. He gives an excellent performance and it is just amazing.

The race begins between L and Light to discover each other’s identity, and a game of cat and mouse ensues between the two geniuses.

I had also watched the series of deathnote which shows a lot of characters. This brought me comparing the movie to the series. I started to see some problems with the story.

First, they were only able to get pieces every week as death note was serialized during the making of the film.  That misses one of the important character which is Near, the right hand of L.

Second, the investigation of L in the movie on how to capture Kira were not shown in detailed. It is understood that they cannot insert everything in the movie but it is important to the viewer to know how L investigate. Because in middle of the film I started to doubt if L was real or a fallen angel that send to save the world.

Lastly, The portrayal of the of the main characters in the movie were too opposite than in series. But this is not really a promblem. I more loved L in the film and Mr. Yagami, the father of Light.

The story is phenomenal with an interesting premise. It never really stops or gets boring. The ending opens up for the sequel but ties up most lose ends. You are constantly changes from Light’s side to L’s and vise versa.

Both directing and writing were great. The main thing about this direction with this film I like how he stages the deaths of criminals, set the atmosphere of dread, and how he was able to cut off this film with a wonderful cliff hanger that does make you want to see the second part as soon as possible.

Overall, the film was full of nifty twists and turns, frequently ingenious and tremendously entertaining. I’m looking forward to be more excite and thrilled this 2016 to the fourth part of the film. Because every end part of the movie leads me to curiosity.

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