Curtain Call


The West Visayas State University Little Theater- TeatroDagami’s major production entitled “GRACIANO LOPEZ-JAENA: A HILIGAYNON ZARZUELA” is a successful play in promoting Graciano Lopez-Jaena’s life and advocacies in an in-depth perspective, awaken the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in the hearts of Ilonggos, promoted theater locally, and showcase the talents of the young Ilonggos in theater and theater production and educate the people of the intricacies of our history through Hiligaynon dialect.


This play serves as an eye-opener to all the Filipinos, especially the youth in the new generation, in showing the heroism and patriotism of our local hero, Graciano Lopez Jeana.The over-all run of the play is a success though there are some inevitable mistakes.


Let’s start from the very beginning of the play, from the open-house to the end of the act.  The play didn’t start exactly on time, which is basically normal to us having the so called “Filipino time”. But the managing staff and ushers are accommodating. They are polite and applied professionalism. The teasers and other video have good effect in distracting the attention of the audience while waiting for the play to start.


The basic plot of the story is good although the middle part of the show is dragging and doesn’t reach the peak of the story as it is on the beginning and end of the play. The first act has intense feelings and emotions because the main problem was shown in that part. The friars, the political members and social class build the conflict on Graciano’s life and become the mainstream in the plot of the story.


The love story between Elena and Graciano made a great impact in the audience especially in young ones.


The second act shows both joy (party in Spain) and sadness(Death of Elena) and failure and success. The twist is great especially for a real life story of a person.


The ending of the play was very effective because most of the audience almost cried (some even cry) and you can really felt in your heart the message it want to imply. You can feel the patriotism and nationalism of the play, being a Filipino, especially an Ilonggo.


For the cast of the play, I was amazed by the character of Graciano for portraying his character very well. He knows how to affect the audience with the different emotions he had shown.


Most of the cast knows how to play their roles too, although there are some who lacks confidence and awkwardly portraying their characters especially during the scenes when they are shown in group. Some of them are not sure when to start and how to deliver their dialogues.


Hiligaynon is difficult to speak that’s why I was impressed by the cast to deliver it successfully even there are some who mispronounced the words and some who stutter when speaking. But the script is awesome! The scriptwriters had done well.


Another thing about the play is the sound effects. I cannot say less about it. Well the fact that they used great and appropriate sound effects, which can really drive your emotions about the play, their wonderful music, the only negative thing I can say is the volume of their voices because when you are sitting at the back you can hear nothing. But the sound effects turned out well.


The lights are something which is to be improved. Some of the lights are not appropriate in the scene. Some of them are really awful in the eye and doesn’t fit to the characters in the play. But it has also good color combination that can catch the audiences’ attention in the characters.


The props used in the play are goo
d and simple but can really tell the settings in the play. Although the entrance and exit of the set-ups are somehow dragging and can consume a lot
of time during the fading in and fading out of lights.


Being able to notice everything both in backtsage and on stage was a lot of
learnings. Because of the fact that I was part of the production and a theater member for three years.


All in all, the play turned out well in hitting both their objectives and the expectations of the audience. The symbol of culture, religion, love, family, nationalism and patriotism, the oneness and solidarity of Filipinos and inspiring the youth for being the hope and light of the fu
ture generations.


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