Dancing With The World

K-pop, an abbreviation for Korean Pop has been popular nowadays. From Trendy clothes, catchy songs and especially breathtaking dances K-pop has surely dominated the world through these and more. K-pop song  and artist particularly pay attention in their dance moves that’s why it’s not surprising how fans copy and post their own version of this dance craze on YouTube and other social media platform. You may ask what K-pop dances set it to other kind of dancing. K-pop dances aren’t only unique, its also world class.

K-pop dances are well know to b synchronized. With artist training for 3 to 4 years, k-pop dances are executed with style and discipline. K-pop artist pay attention more on their dances because it adds more hype to their song that’s why K-pop dances are more fluid and thorough compared to any kind of dance genre today. Some example of these dances are BTS’s  Boy in Luv and Girlfriend’s Rough.

Also K-pop dances are pleasing to watch. With trending clothes, colourful music video and cool dance moves, this dance genre is definitely an eye candy. Despite of how strict K-pop artist practice and execute this dance, K-pop dance still holds beauty especially K-pop artist add on the element of fashion and style while doing the dance. K-pop dances this specific style which is very light to watch but looks intense. When watching K-pop dances, you would think that the steps are easy and basic but what make it explosive is the feel that Korean groups put on it. Every dance is filled with tension and precession which makes even the simplest move look elegant and strong.

The other element of K-pop dances is that its sharp details in every move they make. They make turns look beautiful and slides amazingly smooth. K-pop artists put a lot of effort in every detail of their dance which pays off in every performances for K-pop dance is really all about sync and perfection. Some example of these dances are EXO’s Growl and SHINee’s Lucifer.

K-pop dance often have themes and concepts. Artist makes sure that their dance is in match with their song which is rather smart and different. When songs are all about zombies, they make steps for it. Also for vampires or just a person in love.

But despite considered as one of the hardest genre of dance nowadays, K-pop dances are still preferably easy for some people especially to Avid fans and hard working supporters. K-pop dance covers are now flooding YouTube and this thousands of videos prove how popular K-pop dances are around the world. This is also one of the reasons why K-pop dances are recognized worldwide because the public accepts it and finds it appealing.

These dances are also no joke when it comes to cost. K-pop artist often take their dances choreographed by world known choreographers like Michel Jackson’s, Britney Speers ands Beyonce. They go all the way for the quality of their dance and it does require lots of money but make the dance more better and world class.

There are may genres of dances all over the world and obviously K-pop dances made its way to the podium of the genres. When talking about dances there will be traditional, hip-hop, classical and also K-pop. Many youngsters and young at heart are captivated by its unique and fresh style. Its never the same as the others. K-pop dances never fails to surprise viewers by its new concepts and outstanding quality dances. Other people might think that its some kind of lousy dance or just Gangnam style but K-pop dances has much more to offer that will surely make your jaw drop. K-pop sure is one of a kind and its no doubt K-pop dance is a way to dance in one groove with the rest of the world.


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