Dessert Dance Craze


By: Lovellia M. Luminate


Dancing is a talent to one person but an enjoyment for all. Dancing is not just shaking or moving your body side by side or up and down; it is how you feel the beat of the music and enjoying every beat of it. Dancing that can help our body to be fit and become healthy and sexy. Just dance and follow the steps to make an amazing dance craze.

Filipino people are really enjoying making dance steps by having its unique movement depending on the sound and lyrics telling the songs. To favorite rock songs that they used to learn and make movements that really can satisfy them very much. We saw different kinds of that Filipino people dance and made by their own imagination and loving the passion of dance. The dance moves that really amaze us and our heart that keeping a beat like dancing together with the music. Trending music that mash-ups and remix to made a dance steps that can tend and can easily to follow those steps by the people who can watch it.

Fantastic baby, Watch me Whip, Twerk it Like Miley, and Dessert are the most requested dance craze in this generation. More steps are required and must be jolly on doing this kind of steps. On how the song is very wild your body movement should follow also this kind of movement but with unique styles that can really wow the people who are watching you from behind while performing. The styles of dance movements are depending to the person who dance and the music. Choreography is now very trending in social media because of their new trends of styles in dancing. The dance steps that can be viral to the people around the world. Like Gangnam style that really marked a history and have million views and more parody dance steps because of its uniqueness in music and its dance steps. More people really amaze when new dance steps they made it more viral when celebrities also dance and follow on this styles of dance steps. Like the I’ts Showtime and Eat Bulaga who have this kind of trends on making a dance that can be viral on social media. Twerk it like Miley who dance by Maja Salvador and Enrique Gil that hit more views and become more viral. More people follow those steps and even kids enjoying that kind of moves. You can heard those music and saw those dance steps everywhere; in the streets, hall way, stages, and even in a small room.

Dessert dance craze are now viral more celebrities and even ordinary people dance this steps. Just enjoying and following the trending music and dance steps of this Dessert music. This Dessert song that performed by the international song artist Dawin become viral because of its dance steps, song choice of beat and its lyrics that sing well and lively. Dessert dance craze are now seeing in the YouTube and social media that perform by any kind of person and races in the whole world. This dance craze that make the people crazy to dance that every dance steps it make wiggle your body in every beat.

This dance steps that many Filipino people doing because of their passion dancing this kinds of moves. It gives satisfaction to the person who really loves dancing. More people who join dancing solo, couple, and group to show their talents in every dancing. Any contest in schools or even in the streets or barangay contest dancing are not never forget to compete with anybody or somebody they have this competition to see the best talents of dancing that contestants want to show. And the winner of it must be the stunning and the best dancer among the rest who joined the dance contest. Different kinds of dance but sometimes we unite for that one matter. Dancing is passion in every people a talent that no one can get it from you.

Dance also may form a good exercise through body and mind. Good for relaxation like doing zumba and yoga lessons. Even just a small way of moving your body can help you to be fit and healthy person as you. You can dance every beat of the music and your heart. The dance that teach us to be unique in our own way. Have you heard music that every beat of it make you move for no reason? Did you dance gracefully that many people admire you? Or did you do moves that can trend to all the people? Make your move and show the world how good your dancing is.

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