Girls court

Basketball is a sport that is usually played by men with long legs, with wide palm and consider to be a huge men. Giant, in short.

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court.

Here in the Philippines basketball is a well-known sports; most of the barangay has its own barangay basketball court and somehow many of the houses where there are boys they usually have their own mini or huge basketball court, backyard and indoor one.

When all of the Filipinos here in the Philippines are thrilled on the PBA or the Philippine Basketball Association played by different basketball teams and famous basketball player, we will also be thrilled by this girl power on court.

Some people think that girls are just good at indoor sports, but what they think is wrong.

Girls think that they can also do the things that men usually and commonly does. And one of this is to play basketball.

She is just an ordinary girl, she spend most of her leisure time practicing and playing but not volleyball, not even girl sports but a boy one, basketball.

Her name is Wildem Pearl Castante, 19 years old, a second year student at West Visayas State University Janiuay Campus and a 2 years basketball player of the said school.a

At her first try of playing basketball is not that easy at all. She fall, she stumble down, she wounded but at the end, all of this is nothing especially when they get the trophy and win the competition.

And now basketball is part of her life, “since I started to play (basketball) I felt like I boost my confident and I am not that shy to meet other friends and I feel like I can share my thoughts and enjoyment and skills in court to be successful in life not just in my teammates but to my new friends.”

Wildem is not just a player but also a varsity, where she is a scholar at their school and where she can get some allowance in her everyday needs.

She used to play volleyball also in her high school days. Wildem usually play both sports on a different filed and court, a reason for her coaches to ask her what sports will she going to choose and continue, and definitely she choose basketball.

In her college life she usually plays basketball for campus competition.  And in her years of playing she experienced to be one of the first five and also one of the benchwarmer.

A benchwarmer is a player who is not among the best players on a team and does not often play : a reserve player who is usually on the bench.

Being a benchwarmer or “binsoy” to be common to us is what other players avoiding because being a benchwarmer is embarrassing to them. They are all set to play, well trained and well dressed and some of their family members are watching them but suddenly they aren’t going to play just even a minute on running back and forth inside the court.

“Yes, I’ve been a benchwarmer for many times and for me being a benchwarmer is like you felt shy to face other people or even to your friends because they will tease you that you are not on the most underrated position to play on your team. It felt like you are a reserve or sub, even thought that you wanted to be the role player and on the first five but you have to respect and accept the coaches’ decision”.

Other people consider that being a benchwarmer is something that they are not good enough in playing. But for her it’s not about on the time you spend inside the court but it is about the time you spend watching other players played the sports and practicing yourself to be better as what they are.

“I feel angry and shy every time people talk to you and told you that you are a benchwarmer. I feel angry because they are insulting me in any ways; I don’t like it every time people judge other people because it is want they see. I feel shy because I cannot show to my friends or to the other people that I am a good basketball player.  But I am determined by how to deal with the lack of glory and the invisibility that inevitably comes from sitting rather than playing. Of course the most important if someone tells you that you are a benchwarmer you have to accept and respect it no matter what they say”.

Being a benchwarmer is a big challenge to most of the players because they are not just insulted but they are also judge by the other people. Judge that they are not that good enough and insulted of what the other people say; “poor kid”, “they are not supposed to be their” and even “benchwarmer!” people doesn’t have to judge the players because he himself doesn’t even know the capability of each of the player inside and outside of court.




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