Improperly proper place

Garbage bins are one of the most important things in a community. Without it, the place would probably be in chaos. Not to exaggerate these things but it might lead into that. Petty problems could turn into huge problems if we’ll not do anything to prevent it.

A big trash can beside the barangay gymnasium might not really a problem to many but as you’re able to widen your perspective and consider all the negative implications, you’ll say that the place where the bin is located is wrong and the garbage can should be transferred to a place where only few people are residing. Many kids are playing inside the gymnasium and sometimes, if the garbage truck is there, it could bring a stinky smell and a lot of flies in the place. Kids are kids and they’re not that immune from the viruses and bacterium that they might get upon just smelling that smell and being affected by the germs that those flies are having ever since from the place where they’re depositing the garbage and up to our place.

There’s nothing wrong with having a trashcan that’s just along the road but the place is just so overpopulated sometimes that it might brought no good in the community. Most especially if the people itself doesn’t have any knowledge on how and what’s the proper way of throwing those garbage. It’s also a huge face palm that even though there are three separators, which was also have a label of “Non-biodegradable”, “Biodegradable”, and “Recyclable” but still it’s no use. The people aren’t doing their jobs. Some of them are just keep on stacking those garbage bags on the huge trash cans and leave it that way without minding all the labels that should be followed.

If there’s no enough place to transfer the trashcan, might as well inform the community with the harm that this one may cause to everyone in the place someday. The residents should also know how and what’s the proper way of throwing the garbage. That throwing it on the right places isn’t the end of our responsibility on our garbage and it’s also about what will happen after we’ve thrown those man-made trashes.

There will always be a drawback in our every mischief and wrong actions. Not because it’s okay for now, it’ll also be okay next week, next month, next year or later. No it’s not. It’ll never be. As long as the nature and our environment is involved, we should be ready to experience the worst things that they might give to us in return of our being irresponsible.


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