Jealous Girlfriend

In this generation many teens are engage on the romantic relationship between their partners.

You can see different statuses in love life especially when you observe and walk along the park or the other dating type view; a sweet couple might share their food to each other while they are considered to be as close as their eyes meet. Or a complicated one shouting, pushing each other away and probably they will say a word, most of couples wouldn’t want to hear “break”, and one of the reason? Certainly one of the reasons is the possessive boyfriend or a jealous girlfriend.

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But this is life, this is love life. Definitely they will understand and accept it in the end.

Just like this song I choose. This song will probably change what boys think when they have a jealous and possessive girlfriend. Like me.

“Mali ba na ako ay mangamba na baka maagaw ka sa akin ng iba? Ang nais ko lang ay sabihin mo na ang tanging ako ang nasa puso mo.”

(Is it wrong for me to be scared that you will be taken away from me? All I want to hear from you is that I will always be the one and only in your heart)

Chorus of one of the famous song entitled “Ang GF kong Selosa” (My Jealous girlfriend).

This song is sung by a famous “hugot” rapper, “Hambog ng Sagpro” ft. Ynnah.

One of the songs that make me thinks that this is one of the common problems of most of the young couples these days, a jealous girlfriend.

Being a jealous girlfriend is not a bad thing at all just like what this song says.

“Pero kahit selosa ka at ako’y sinakal yan ang dahilan kung bakit kita minahal. Dahil kung angkinin muko daig mo pa si inay, mabuti nang ipag damot mo ako kaysa pamigay”.

(Even though you are a jealous and I am already fed up that’s one of the reason why I still love you. Because when you thought that I am your own property your more than what my mothers are. It is better for you to be selfish when it comes to me than to give me the other girls.)

“Pag may lumalandi sakin tiyak malilintikan sila. Imbis na ako’y magalit naiintidihan kita, pinapakita mo lang naman na away mo, di ba, mawala ako sayo at mapunta ako sa iba. Bawal narin akong makipag usap sa kung kani kanino kulang nalang magselos ka narin sa akin anino. Kung ikaw ang mag selos sarap sa pakiramdam kasi kung di mo ko mahal wala ka nang pakialam. Sayog sayo lang ang kaluluwa puso at katawan. Kaya kung girlfriend nyo’y selosa wag nyo ng pakawalan.”

(If there will be someone flirting me, for sure they will be dead. Instead of being mad at you I understand you, you just showing me that you don’t want to lose me and become someone else property. I am not also allowed to talk to anyone else maybe even in my own shadow. If you are jealous it feels good to me because if you don’t love me you wouldn’t care at all. My soul, my heart and my body it is all yours. That’s why if your girlfriend is a jealous one make sure you don’t let her go.)

This song speaks a lot about relationship. Each of the stanzas being rap and sung by the artist is an inspiring one, especially to the boyfriends who hate having a jealous and possessive girlfriend.

Jealous is a feeling, just like love. You can’t stop it when it comes, you can’t force it when you want to feel it. Let it be and let the one you love be the reason of everything.

Aside from the lyrics of this song, I also like this two artist collaboration; a rapper and a solemn one. It just mixes and gives the perfect temper of the song.

The rap of the Hambog ng Sagpro Krew suits to the modernization of most of the teens today. Even in a simple readings and raps, just like you are just reading the text or lyrics, gives the nice temper to the song.

Hambog ng Sagpro is well-known for their raps and other music which is definitely about love and about the common situation here in our country.

Just like their song “Classmate”, “ikaw at AKo”, “Muli” and many more this all speaks about love and certainly about how and mostly couples began.

For sure there are many other couples who love this song, especially girls who are so jealous and possessive when it comes to the one they love. But of course I can’t blame them because in today’s generation there are many snakes around.



Ang GF Kong Selosa Ft. Ynnah – Hambog Ng Sagpro Krew