Kicking For Life

It is noteworthy to grasp the thought that through the sizzling kicks, and forceful spikes the decisive plays held the oohs and boos of the spectator that gives an account of the thrilling encounter of athletes and their coaches. It is never a question why sports had greatly shaped the society and is now considered as the biggest marketing creation in history. The passion that has been engraved in the hearts of every athlete exploits their focal point to carry home the torch of prominence, bearing the title as the mighty successor of the arena.
Ever since, Central Philippine University- Golden Lions often stand out in most of the sporting events. Name a sport and they will surely give you the heap of medals and trophies that the school’s athletes had garnered. The proper training of the sportsmen, the unity of the players, up-to-date sport utilities, and the strong determination made up the components to attain the elusive victory. However, a team can never be a team without a coach who serves as a spine that supports the framework of the squad, seeing to it that the players are well-organized and invigorate their abilities to reach their desired goal.
Living a life with a series of losing and winning, Marc Hermel Agriam possesses the characteristics of a superb sport trainer or otherwise known as coach. Aside from playing badminton, table tennis, and enjoying long rides, his life is already devoted to football. He had been the CPU Golden Lions football coach for over ten years, and with that he had been booming kicks on the goalie with his fellow soccerites. The football field would have been his home and the soccer ball would have been his life. If it weren’t for his passion for the game, he wouldn’t be that guy who would be happily enjoying the free kicks.
Coach Marc- as his companions fondly call him fell in love with football when he was just ten years old. “I grew up in a football community and almost all of my friends were into the sport, but I started to play when I was ten years old”, the silent dynamo says. He would spend his days on the field amidst the pouring rain and scorching heat of the sun just to practice.
During his college days he joined the Golden Lions football team and was later recognized by his coach that he has a great ability in doing such sport. Time came that the CPU High School needed a football coach and since the former sports coordinator knew that he grew up playing the game, he was asked to take the position. “I became a coach when I was employed at Central Philippine University High School.”
Being a coach requires a lot of patience, perseverance and a heightened ability to govern people, not just an individual, but a team. “My team is very privileged to have the support of the parents, some alumni, and the university. Also we have our own way of playing football, that is different in other teams of Iloilo—that’s what made my team different”, Mr. Agriam humbly stated.
Humility, sportsmanship, acceptance of defeat, and strong determination are just examples of motivators for the coaches. What pleases Coach Agriam most is when he sees his players develop and become better individuals not just on the football field but also in how they live their lives. As a coach a very good motivator for him is the discipline that the athletes possess, using it as an advantage in order to develop their ability. What disappoints him most is the lack of discipline. Lack of discipline leads the team to create chaos and abusive actions. Moreover, it disappoints him when he sees potentials in his players, but they are too lazy to work hard. Football for him is a rare talent that whoever prowess in this sport should value it.
It matters on how a coach manages the gang. Just like Coach Agriam, he patterned his life to that of his favorite coach, the late EpifanioJordanal or “Lolo Panyong” as he fondly called him. Remembering his teenage years, he speaks in a subdued tone, “He was my coach during high school, the best coach I’ve encountered, since he showed me self-discipline and he worked hard in everything he loved.”
Now, he is more than just a football veteran, a coach, a goalie, or a ball-lover, he is also a father of the beautiful MaxeeneAgriam, a loving husband of Mrs. Agriam, a registered engineer, and a full-time staff of the computer laboratory of the Central Philippine University High School.
“To the future sports ambassadors, we really need to have patience, passion, and dedication when it comes to coaching a team, and that we should use that opportunity to help shape the lives of our players, in and out of the pitch.” Take it from someone born as a sport aficionado, yet humbly lived as a typical guy in a jersey uniform riding his bike from home to school.
The American filmmaker Stephen Douglas “Steve” Sabol says, “Look at the football field. It looks like a big movie screen. This is theater. Football combines the strategy of chess. It is part ballet, it is part battleground, part playground. We clarify, amplify and glorify game with our footage, the narration and that music, and in the end create an inspirational piece of footage.”
Perhaps, sport is contagious as what life is. The value of sportsmanship and the willingness to accept defeat is what matters to win the cup of victory in life. The aim of making the game happier and gaining camaraderie among the defendants is what holds the team and the game unique. After all, life like sports, is not just about winning. Sometimes, you’ll have to value the most important thing rather than craving for the metal-made medals. It is about loving your passion and enjoying the battleground, leaving the footage of your kindness and generosity that will be remembered by the future successors.


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