Not so good combination

Next to music, dancing will never go out of style especially to every Filipinos. Every year, there are new dance steps that we’re all crazy about and that’s already a part of our culture. If you’re going to search these tags, dance and craze, one of the famous dance steps will probably about Filipinos dancing in the beat of “I’m an Albatroaz”. It is a 2014 single by Swedish DJ and record producer AronChupa. The song has been certified double platinum in Sweden and Australia and platinum in New Zealand, Italy, and Denmark.

The stepping is mainly about the tapping of the heels of your feet alternately while bending your knees. It’s like you’re skipping but you’re just actually using your heels and not your entire feet. This dance craze is somewhat a combination of “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” of Psy but this is kinda easy because most of the time, you’re allowed to do some freestyle in between of the given steps.

The crazier your steps are, the more pleasant and attracting it will be to the viewers. If your body isn’t that flexible enough and you don’t really dance, this dance step isn’t that difficult to copy. As long as you’re not shy enough to show the world your eagerness in learning the steps, no one has the authority in stopping your from doing what you want. It can also be used for entertainment and contest purposes. Like, who’s better in dancing the steps and who has the craziest dance routine. Filipinos are fond in recreating dance steps that in just a click, your video might get viral and people might like what you’re doing and start doing their own versions of your dance steps.

Enjoyment is necessary while dancing this and also making sure that your viewers are also enjoying. Don’t be too exaggerated while you’re doing the freestyle or you might annoy and lose your viewers.Timing and making sure that you’re dancing with the beat is the most important thing that you should consider while dancing this one. There are also matching hand gestures that’s very interesting to the public’s eyes. You can do anything but never forget the main dance step which is bending your knees slightly and skipping with the use of your heels.

Happiness in what you’re doing is important whenever you’re dancing and seeing those joyful faces on the people who’re executing the dance routines is a great thing. Why? Because that’s one of the reasons why people are dancing, they want to enjoy. They want to express their feelings and emotions. And for me, the people who’re dancing the “I’m an Albatraoz” are the people who might have huge problems in their lives but still chose to forget it for a while in the form of dancing and entertaining people who’re also in some kind of dilemma in handling the negativity in life. That’s true. While looking at the video of the kids dancing, it could easily make you smile and laugh in an instant. It might annoy you but that annoyance that you’re having from the beginning will gone as you’re going to see some bloopers from the way they’re dancing the song.

But this dance step has also its own downside, it’s kinda losing the art element of dancing. We all know that dancing is an art. It is an expression of what we wanted to show or to let other people feel. I’m not saying that it loses it’s value but the dance craze isn’t even connected with the music itself. It’s like, they’re dancing it because of the rhythm or beat and not because of what the lyrics of song really mean. The steps doesn’t have any meaning at all. The hand gestures and the tapping of the heels aren’t a good combination plus the freestyles. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that it’s entertaining and might brighten up your day once you’ve watched it or you’re already dancing into its beat.


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