Party Rhythm

The recent emergence of Korean pop music, Broadway musical and electronic music invaded the Philippine music industry with their upbeat rhythm and their rapid tongue-twister-like lyrics but often became a purview of the music citizenry, dominating the airwaves of the Philippine music.
In a world encroached upon the modernity of self-contained entity, everybody can survive the crunk beats of the collapsed traditional sounds. Welcome to the remarkably different and radically changed world of music!
Skrillex, Tiesto and Alesso fused with the natural ability that they prowess cranked up the stadium with their electronic dance music. Often wrongly seen as frivolous or nonsensical, thedistinctiveness of their music compositions is the combination of melody, the power of the song, the combination of instruments and the transitions.
Let me give you a little background of what Electronic Dance Music is.It is a blanket term meant to cover the myriad of sounds and styles of music made by electronic instruments for people to dance to. It is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres produced primarily for nightclubs, raves, and festivals.
BPM is the name of the game; it governs how the body of the people moves. Reggae is slow, consisting 60 BPM, dubstep 70 BPM, house 110-130 BPM, hardcore 195 BPM. It controls the circulatory system of the body, 128 BPM energizes people’s heartbeat allowing them to move their body in coordination with the beat.
The music “Don’t Look Down”that was first played by Martin Garrix is an epitome of this song. Like the typical songs it is composed of an intro, a verse, chorus, solo, bridge, riser and outro. The intro started up with a melody that’s rising up in order to pump up the listeners. It doesn’t contain too many melodic elements and is percussion based. The verse as the main part of the melody repeats a few times before moving on to the chorus. The chorus comprises all the energy of the song and serves as a hook that could be remembered by the listeners. The solo has a basic detail that lightens up the audience and made them join the jam. In the bridge, Garrix took out the drums and added the rising sound to the next part creating powerful instruments by changing the keys. The bridge breaks up what the listener has been paying attention to and had become more powerful because of the added keys. The riser serves as the climax and it possess a buildup that’s released with the next section,the outro. The riser has constant repetition that made the track a little amateur. In the song, the outro has a smooth landing and has strong cadence at the end of the track.
Few, repeated lyrics are commonly used saturated with worthless obscenities or profanities that is verbalized harshly. More often than not, it has no lyrics but is often accompanied by loud instruments ranging from 50 bpm to 200 bpm.
Mixed with an auto-tune it resembles the vocal effect of Lady Gaga’s horny robot vocal utterance. It seems like there’s the belligerent screams from the throat to the mouth waiting to be resonate strongly to the rollicking sound of the drums.It uses stretched vocals or effects samples as trippy back drops.
These kinds of music are a manifesto both to the moral and social values fueling the minds of the young to be in a thrashed into the hurling intensified sound of dirty party songs. The liberation on the violent songs taught the young how to be violent to other people using the harsh words that they have learned from the song.
I have nothing against EDM only that if these songs would teach the people how to party harder then it wouldn’t be a good thing. This stimulates the people to be in their adrenaline point and dance crazily as the tune barked at the highest intensity level. Before hitting the stereo, learn to ask yourself a question that says, “Is it purely music I’m listening to or just the banging drum beats that contributes to noise pollution?”
Music is a form of expression, a communication of beliefs and opinions, a pent-up sentiment spilled over the beat of the music conveying the listeners to value the song and forget about life’s strenuous efforts.
How we dance to the beat is a significant importance to the composer that someway, somehow we’ve learned to embrace his music creation. Music is life expressing the singer and the composer’s emotions.

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