Passion for Fashion

Artists paint aspects of the visible world, such as people, landscapes, still-life of tableware, fruit, and flowers, or scenes from history, literature, and the imagination. Such paintings are realistic, they look like something real.


The Art of Fashion

Painted by: Liabeth Sanico


Being a painter means creating. It means dreaming. It means exploringthe fundamental question of what it means to be human: what it means to be conscious, what it means to experience emotions because of a painting.

One of artists I knew way back my high school days was Liabeth Sanico, 19 years old and a designer and painter for almost a decade. Currently pursuing her passion as Bachelor of Industrial Technology major in Fashion and Appareal at Iloilo Science and Technology University.


About the painting, “ I don’t usually paint a human figure or a designed gown, I used to paint a nature more of a landscape or a silhouette. And yes, the painting was complex in the process. Yet I took the risk and was inspired of the ocean and my passion for clothes. And he result of coming out from my comfort zone is actually good. I’m still learning and seeking myself in this genre of painting. And I wouldn’t stop because fashion is still an art.” – Liabeth Sanico

We can see a fine young woman wearing like an aqua marine gown which makes her classy and having royal blue background that is slightly getting dark towards the woman which creates an out line to have emphasis on the woman and the gown.

In my own interpretation about the painting when this was presented to me, i just gave a very preditible interpretation. it tells the story of a rich girl or a princess but unhappy of her life and wanted  to escape. It can also be a Cinderella story running from his prince charming.

But then, none of my interpretation was right. Only I come to realize that the perspective of an artist is different from others and the painter of his piece can explain and tell the story completely.

merely looking at the different parts of the painting give one no idea of what the author really meant to portray by such a painting. For example, it is hard to figure out what some of the figures in the painting really are or what they add to the concept of the painting.

the painting is exciting to look at because of the manner in which it captures the imagination of the viewer..

Anyway, I like your technique on this particular piece and I think it has some strong qualities. The value contrast is great and the color quality is very nice too.

The painting shows a contrast of light and dark colors. The artist shows texture in the gown. The artist uses different color values for the clothes and to show the difference between the shaded area and plain area. It has a unique texture through his style of painiting.

The background of the painting has a successful shadings. At first it begins with a plain blue tone and the color becomes progressively lighter until it ends above the horizontal line .


Its is a simple but at the same time a wonderful painting. Its shape is rectangular. Its painting is an amazing one and one should definitely take a look at it in order to appreciate its full beauty.

This art work is the combination of passion and love which make a perfect result. People who have a fear of the unknown, but who are willing to take a chance, to jump in to do the work anyway.



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