Passion in Sports


By: Lovellia M. Luminate


Sports are usually learning through the process but it depends on what are sports you choose. Any game that we play has a big role to our daily lives. Players also have the passion about the sports they want to play. It may their hobby or just a past time just to escape those times that wasted. Sports also give us healthy body and mind to fulfill those things that we should do.

Volleyball is one of the sports that usually people learn easily. This only have two teams of players hit a large ball back and forth over a high net. These sports must have good posture to maintain the good game. Players should be open-minded and alert on playing this kind of game. Hitting the ball to the other court should be proper and accurate to win the game.

A volleyball player should maintain the good condition of the body to have a good posture and energy on playing. Before playing the player should woke up early to have exercise and do the routines such as jumping, jogging, squats, stretching and workout. The team before playing the fight they should have practice their strategies on how they guard their enemy on the court, on how they should do when playing, what position would will they made. All of that they will be practicing by their coach on proper doings inside the court. Before playing in the court they pray for their safety and avoid any accidents that would happen.

During the game a player should always focus on the court and the ball. Always listen to the coach on what’s he/she said such as instructions or procedures on playing volleyball. Always have a good and clear communication with the team players in the court. A player should be a listener inside the court. A good player should have a good attitudes and sportsmanship willing to take the truth even they failed. A player should have long-tempered in playing a game to avoid fight in the court. Teamwork should be done in the court with the players to avoid the fight in the court because of misunderstanding so that the game will play spontaneously and right.

After the game the players should it good foods like fruits and vegetables that can help their body healthy. Take a good rest after playing conserve energy like napping or just relaxing together with the team or by self. The player should always maintain the body’s posture and doing the exercise and daily routines to enhance the skills on playing volleyball.  The player should have discipline on their self.

“Volleyball is not just a sports or a game but Passion wherein I am satisfied to play on this game, I’m happy whenever I play volleyball.” volleyball player Wilver Alifonso the athlete I interview he has the passion on playing the volleyball. When he was a child he was playing volleyball, and when he reached elementary and high school he became the good players. He always belongs to the players in good performance in playing volleyball. He played volleyball even just a past time whenever he doesn’t do anything. Volleyball they always play together with his cousins they became their hobby on playing this game. Even just in the plaza with the contest they get to be a player. He also became a varsity when he is schooling in college. He should manage his time in school and being a volleyball player. Time is he needed to manage those things being player. He said it was hard but if that your passion you must strive for it and you are willing take to risk cause it for your own good and that is the right thing to do.

A player at same time as a student is difficult with him; he had more time to go practice on his varsity team for the game as volleyball player. And his studies are sometimes live behind; he can’t study well when he had cramps and aching body. So as a player and student he manage to keep his body and mind to became healthy; so that he can balance his work as varsity and a student. Unfortunately, he was not schooling now because of financial problems being a varsity is not enough in financing his self to go to school. And he decides to stop schooling. Even his not a varsity but his passion on playing volleyball is always there in his heart. And now he plays volleyball whenever he invite him by his friends on playing the plaza or having a “Liga ng mga Barrangay”.

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