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P.K. means “Drunk” PK is a story of an alien who comes to earth to meet a prostitute with a heart-of-gold and changes the opinion of humans on the existence of God and by search of God, hoping he can then learn how to save his own planet. The alien is supposedly played by Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma while on this quest, he, as per reports, happens upon a journalist student in Bruges, Belgium (Anushka Sharma) and together they are able to change the way people think about God.  Also the film will have important characters portrayed by Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput.

An alien (Aamir) lands on earth and is immediately robbed of the only thing he’s wearing – his remote to get back to his planet. Wandering desperately, the alien learns he must wear clothes, which he steals from couples making out in ‘dancing cars’. He also learns he needs notes to buy food – and he needs to learn a human language which he can only do by holding hands for six hours.

One day, the alien – whose name becomes ‘PK’ after people think his bizarre antics mean he’s drunk – gets knocked down by rustic musician Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt). Bhairon likes the strange guy and thinks he’s longing for a woman, so he takes him to a bordello. Here, PK holds a girl’s hand all night – and thereby her language, Bhojpuri, is transmitted to him, finally enabling him to express himself.

The movie starts with Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), a journalist student in Bruges, Belgium who after completing her studies and recovering from a failed relationship with her Pakistani lover Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh) comes back to her hometown in India. Here, she bumps in PK (Aamir Khan) who has his own weird ways of dealing with worldly affairs. He is shown as a unique creature having a very quirky style of dressing and a unique way of dealing with day-to-day things.

How he deals with sensitive matters of religion and presence of God is what makes the movie a must watch? At some points, PK seems quite inspired by Umesh Shukla’s ‘Oh my God’ as Hirani has used the same satirical and amusing style to address the issue however it is much different from what is dealt in OMG. All these quirks Jaggu, who looks forward to PK as interesting story for her news channel.

PK tells Bhairon his valuable remote has been stolen. Bhairon tells him to go to Delhi to search for it but in Delhi, PK is only chased away by unsympathetic cops. People brush him off, telling him God knows where his remote is. Seeking God, PK now goes to temples, churches and mosques but he’s utterly confused as each has different ways to worship and different rules. PK can’t find God and starts handing out pamphlets seeking the divine. This is how he meets Juggu (Anushka), a TV reporter who saves him from being beaten in a temple, then follows him to the lock-up to learn his story.


Juggu is shocked to hear that PK’s remote is now with Sadhu Tapasvi ji (Saurabh Shukla), her family guru, but is determined to get it back for him – using his straight, simple, clear questions and honesty as weapons. Using PK’s concept of ‘wrong numbers’ to the divine against fake god-men, she convinces her channel head Cherry (Boman Irani) to produce a show pitting PK against Tapasvi. PK meanwhile has fallen in love with Juggu but can’t say it when he learns she’s broken-hearted, thinking her Pakistani boyfriend Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput), who met her as a student in Belgium, had ditched her, which Tapasvi ji had warned her father (Parikshet Sahani) about and which caused a huge family rift for Juggu.

Meanwhile, Bhairon catches the thief who had looted PK’s remote and brings him to Delhi, but both perish in a terror bomb blast which leaves PK shaken. In the TV show later on, Tapasvi ji challenges PK to tell the truth of Sarfaraz’s story and take back his remote. PK reveals how a mistaken letter – and not religious differences – parted Sarfaraz and Juggu. Cherry rings the Pakistani Embassy in Belgium live on TV and Juggu and Sarfaraz are reconciled after which PK wins back his remote.
PK is escorted by Juggu to the desert where he’s called his spaceship. As he leaves, she discovers he loves her but PK has also learnt to lie and says he’s carrying back various sounds from earth where in fact his transistor tapes only contain Juggu’s voice. She later writes a book on PK, saying how much she misses him and how he gave her two great gifts – her father’s love and Sarfaraz.
PK returns to earth one year later with a new research team, also containing Ranbir Kapoor as an alien.

The Film has brought us lessons we can built in our lives:

Voice against Wrong Number

In the film, Alien Khan talks about wrong numbers. According to him, one should raise a voice against wrong numbers. He feels that well-known Godmen, who pretend to have a direct line to God, give lame solutions because they have dialled the wrong number.

Aliens do Exist and they have feelings

Most films, which show aliens, have weird looking creatures. But in “PK”, this being from a different planet looks exactly like a human. Also, he is good-looking, intelligent and has feelings. It is fun to watch how a different being sees human beings, their beliefs and their Gods. The film shows the alien questioning traditional blind faith.

Believe in God, Not in Godmen

In India, one can find Godmen and his followers in every corner. They are like managers who pretend to be close to God. “PK” brought out the marketing gimmicks of such Godmen and questioned them about religion.

Saying “I Love Chicken” doesn’t mean you have fallen in love with it

“PK” describes how humans say something and mean something else. For example, if anyone says ‘he loves chicken or fish’ that doesn’t mean he has fallen in love with that chicken or fish. It means that he wants to eat it .

God has made the universe, He doesn’t need anyone to take care of Him

When a Godman in the film says he is there to take care of God, then “PK” replies God has made the whole universe and he doesn’t want anyone to look after Him.

Religion Means Fashion

For an alien it is difficult to understand what religion is and how people classify it. Thus, he has  his own definition of religion, it  is all about fashion. One’s clothes and appearance tell whether he is Hindu or Muslin or Sikh or Christian.






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