Poor Drainage System and “Sapa” A Garbage Bin

Poor Drainage System

By: Lovellia M. LuminateIMG_9320

The drainage system must be organized in any barangay. The poor drainage system that causes floods not just in the city but over the town. The water can’t flow or go out in the canal because of small ways. The drainage also causes floods because of the stock garbage. Drainage must be proper and have big canal way to flow the water well.




River and “Sapa” where the water flows and flow until the ocean continually because it is connected. The Sapa and River help the town to prevent from the floods.

The environment where we live and the people are just there to care for it. But not all the people have the concern to care about the environment. They are just satisfied of what they get from the environment but they don’t give back those things to preserve the environment. Many people don’t care on what’s happening about the things around them. They just used things and after that they just throw garbage everywhere.

The garbage trucks are the one who are collecting the trash. But when the garbage truck don’t arrive and collect the trash; the garbage of the people in the household mostly they throw their trash in the “sapa” at the back of their own backyard. We have this “sapa” in the barangay that located in the back houses of the subdivision where no one is passing by. The “sapa” is cannot be seen by people who leave beside the street. Only the subdivision owners can see because it was in the back of the houses. The subdivision is far away from the street so tendency the garbage truck can’t pass by on the subdivisions. The garbage that don’t collect by the truck is stock in the houses so they throw their garbage in the “sapa”.

People are now lazy on throwing trash in the proper place. They just throw it everywhere. They don’t care of what they are doing; and throwing it anywhere.  The people have lack knowledge on how they should do on their trash when doesn’t collect. They are just doing nothing to prevent this kind of situation. They are just continuing doing it and never mind everything.

The barangay captain should act this kind of problems in the barangay cause not just the barangay will be affecting but all the people who live in the “sapa” and river that connected the water flows. To prevent the pollution in the barangay and discipline the people on how they throw their trash. The people in the subdivision must have a place near the street a garbage bin or cage bin where can they throw their garbage so that the garbage truck will just collect it.


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