Step to the Beat

The elegant physique, refined movements, techno beats these are the words that are always associated with dance. Not to mention the group’s teamwork and cooperation. Dance can either be alluring or irritating depending on the viewers that you’re trying to please. As of these days, the most famous genre among youths is hip-hop. The genre itself would make you expect for something that is high-class and worth watching. Dancers all around the world will always entertain us with this genre, giving us different and unique styles.
When it comes to hip-hop, Girls Generation of South Korea would definitely steal the spotlight.The gracefulness of their hips, hands, their physique moving and grooving to the beat.Also by simply using their sexy and snappy moves in their Catch Me If You Can video, they could steal your heart too within just a minute.
The song was described as electronic dance music. It was written by Mafly Choe A-Leum and Junji Ishiwatari Jeff Miyahara and was produced by Erik Libdom and Jin Choi under the label of S.M Entertainment and KT Music and Universal Music Japan. The video was released last April 22, 2015 (with Japanese version). Due to its addicting beat and explosive moves, their album was able to sold 135,068 digital copies. The Japanese version also sold 20, 835 physical copies in the first week, ranking number eight on the Japanese Oricon Singles and became the 31st highest-selling CD single of April in Japan. It also ranked as number two on Billboard’s World Digital Song being their highest charting song.
Unlike any other dances, the hip hop that they performed was far from basics. Their bodies were like those graceful dragon dancers of China during Chinese New Year.They have this hint of sexiness yet so innocent. Their leg movement was highly emphasized with the styles of locking, popping and breaking. It was not only explosive but sharp and snappy as well. They also did some hip movements. This was repeated mostly in the chorus part.
Their dance was more on being abstract than narrative. They convey very little emotions and don’t tell a story. Theirs is pretty much focused on the movements and styles. Even though it was messy at first due to their speed movements and sudden changes of formation, they did manage to give the audience a clear view of the members’ physique.
Their music was energetic and emphasized something about finding their hearts.The movement was fast and jumpy yet they managed to move in sync and emphasize their movements even though they have eight members. Due to that reason, they needed all the space that they could get in order to move freely. The floor did a great job in doing them a favor. The wide space allowed them to move and not bump into each other. They could crawl and stomp their feet as hard as they want without creating a ruckus.
Since it was hip hop, they don’t really show or convey any emotions. Their choice of set was pretty good even though it was a little deserted. It became really relevant to their costume as sexy female construction workers. How they balanced the lighting was indeed admirable. It was not too bright yet not too dim.
When it comes to the title, it was somewhat irrelevant to the costume. Their costume was for construction workers yet the title sounded like they were chasing some kind of criminal. But what stood out during their performance is the way they kept it perfect throughout the time, not making even a single mistake and proving that they are indeed the number one girl group of their nation. All in all it was really good. By simply watching it, I was deeply entertained, reminding me how my friends and I would dance our hearts out.
It’s amazing how a simple video could paint a picture of emotions. Serving as our reminder of the once forgotten happy memories and reminding us that sometimes all we need is a simple beat and explosive movements. That will keep us moving and pushing us to our limits. It will also help us understand the real meaning of teamwork and cooperation.
Growing up, dances had been a form of expression to those who passionately put their hearts into it. It had also shaped our society through the various forms of organizations and television programs that could help enhance our dancing skills. Whatever kind of dances you love, folkdance, ballroom, modern, hip-hop, contemporary or ballets, just remember to dance with the flames. Keep it burning!
Sources: _song).com


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