Strokes of Raw Emotions

The dusty attics are the witness of how the finest works of art are kept. It is more than just an easel and a blank canvass. Every stroke signifies an important denotation on what the figure is.
Painting is a form of art that expresses the raw emotions of the painter. It is a graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying painting substances such that of water color, and acrylic.
Just in time that we had this assigned task, an art exhibit was displayed at Robinson’s Mall. I spotted a painting that’s quite different from the usual type of paintings or masterpieces that were exhibited.Rizalyn Zerrudo, the artist of the painting entitled “Far Away” uses only water color on paper. According to Zerrudo the painting exhibit was launched with a theme “80s and 90s”.
Enclosed by a frame, the dimension of the painting is 18 inches by 20 inches resembling an exact size of a landscape picture. The thin canvass adds to the drama of the landscape. The graphic art possesses an ordinary stroke. There is a mixture of colored trees and a line that serves as a pathway that with the curve joined together and vanishes upon the trees symbolizing that it is the end of the path.

Every painting speaks a thousand words and emotions that stress the emotional power that an artist is trying to express that could be answered through looking at the picture. When I asked the painter about what she felt after coming up with that kind of masterpiece she answered that she was happy and inspired. Seeing that kind of painting, it brought me a melancholic feeling of longing. It seems that it was purposely painted because she wanted to go back to the old place that she stayed before. It is not just a pretty picture but a thoughtful metaphor or “zen” that gives me something to think about.
The color schemes in a painting are a good consideration. The variation of the color of the trees in the painting is a shift from the light to dark increasing the exposure, leading you to throw a glance on all the corners of the painting. The tonal balance of the artwork is good throughout the painting. It has sufficient amount of light from midtones to dark tones creating a harmonious balance.Each visible object and surface reflects light. Light is what we depict. Only when the light we see is described accurately we can see the illusions of subject matter appear. The artist seems to have a greater understanding of how the eye is managed by the design and the activation of a work, effectively seducing the audience. Furthermore it is not static or boring and has a pleasing tension that evokes interest.
The competent and effectual handling of one’s medium is crucial to a professional appearance. Up close the painting doesn’t display much of the over saturated or thick-colored paints. Instead of using mixed water or acrylic on canvass, Rizalyn uses water color the reason why it appeared lighter to perceive the attention. The surface is intriguing because of the texture and the handling of the pigment. It’s not bulky either, and has a subtle gradation.
The art also has a look of uniqueness. From what I commonly seen before. It has white spaces between the figures, making it lighter to look at. The concentration of the paint is not that heavy or thick and is not complicated to identify. It arrests the eye of the viewer with a unique feeling or look that denotes “character.”
In terms of gestural momentum, the painter shows a good variety of brush strokes transporting the conveyance of visual energy from the hand of the artist to the painting. It is expressive and has bravura, bravado, courage and élan. Horizontals, verticals, diagonals, straight or curved lines, and calm or active lines vary in length, activity, and direction, while easily leading the eye toward a center of interest which is the road or path in the middle of the woods.
The technical skills of the artists are something to look upon. Her technical ability is not just something that everybody could do. She did make sure that her painting cannot be copied by any other artists. Subject is creatively different attracting, leading and holding my attention to the artistic and creative elements of the work.
Summing up, the painting gives the entire connection between the artist and the audience. How the audience perceives their masterpiece reflects their creativity and their ability to transform a line into a figure that will make a significant change on how they look into it.
The Secret of Critiquing Paintings
Watercolor Painting by Fran Lapraire

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