If you really love the person, you’ll fight for him or her. You’ll really do anything and everything just to win her/him and to make her/him yours. But what if your parents are against it? What are the things that you’re willing to do just to tell the whole world how you love the person that you wanted to be with to the rest of your life?

We’re very much familiar with the teleserye that once captured the hearts of not just Filipinos but also those foreigners who got hooked because of the intensity of the story. Nobody could ever forget the classic story of Yna and Angelo in Pangako Sa’yo, especially that its remake just ended last February 12, 2015. The remake version already has its trailer being dubbed in Spanish and French languages and currently being televised in some Asian countries. Maybe that’s huge the impact of the story, that even the characters aren’t the same, people still loved and watched it.

The story is about two people who are young but genuinely in love with each other. It was a perfect love story not until Claudia ruined everything. She hated Yna and is willing to do all the bad things just to separate her son from the girl whom she considered similar to the lady whom his husband fell in love to ever since they were young. But it seems like no one could ever tear them apart. Angelo didn’t do the things his mom told him to do and that made Claudia burst into anger. She really did everything to separate the two and she succeeded.

The two wanted to fight for their love but there are so many people involved that they chose not to pursue the things that their love desires. They got separated and decided to live life without each other. But true love will always be true love. No matter what it takes and wherever life may take you, if you really love that person genuinely, he’ll or she’ll come back for you. And that’s what happened between Yna and Angelo. Seems like destiny gave them another chance to be together again.

Pangako Sa’yo isn’t just a story of love between two persons but it caters different kinds and forms of love. You need to know that every decisions that you will be making has its own trade offs and opportunity costs. Sacrifices are necessary for us to grow and it’s not about choosing who’s more important. It’s about taking the risk and even though we don’t know the aftermaths of the decisions that we made, we’d still do it.

The story is about the dreams and aspirations of the main characters, Yna and Angelo. That after all the series of downfalls, problems and hindrances in their lives. They still choose to stand up and fight for their own dreams. That no matter what and how it takes, as long as you want to pursue your dreams, you’ll definitely get the gold or even the diamond that you desire to have. It’s also about your dreams for your family. The love that you’re giving to your siblings because your parents aren’t capable in supporting them. It’s also about keeping your faith stronger and that after every storms, you’ll be experiencing the rainbow and the sunshine.

The pains and aches that you’re feeling emotionally and physically will be gone soon. It’ll stop. It’ll never stay in your life as long as you know when and where to let go of all the heartaches that you’re having. Love isn’t about being happy with each other it’s about knowing and prioritizing the happiness of the person that you love that your own happiness. Love is too powerful that it could change the person. Love can be the reason why people work hard and wanted to give everything until all those efforts didn’t paid off. In this soap, it made me realize how important it is to treasure all the people that has been there for you ever since you’re just starting and until now that you’re about to finish another milestone in your life. If you wanted to critic a teleserye, Pangako Sa’yo are one of the bests. Why? You’ll going to see scenes that are common in the most Filipino soap operas. Those distinctive scenes that could make you say, “That’s really a Filipino Series”.

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