Courage, kind, and majestic

“Do you believe in them?” “I believe in everything,” “Then, I believe in everything, too” a short conversation of Ella (Eloise Webb) and her mother discussing about whether the animals understand what she’s saying whenever she’s talking to them. This was one of the first scenes from the Cinderella (2015). Ella’s family is a picture of a happy and complete family. The girl is very close to her parents most especially to her mother but not until her mother got sick. Everything’s not the same as exactly as it was before. No matter how happy your life will be, there will surely come a time that it’ll test you.

Her mother’s last words before she died were, “You must always remember this, have courage and be kind.” The scene was the most tragic part of the story. Knowing that the two of them are too attached with each other and it’s indeed too hard to let go of someone which has been a part of your life ever since you’re just a single cell in her womb. You could feel the connection of the two artists playing the mother and daughter roles. Plus the fact that you could see the pain lingers in the eyes of the child. She wanted to burst out and cry her heart out but as what her mother just said to her, she should be courageous enough to face everything. But not all the times, as her mother was already getting weaker, the young Ella suddenly broke down and hugged her mother so tight as she was in the verge of losing her few breaths. The instrumental also adds the sadness of the said scene between them.

Years later, Ella’s (which is now being played by Lily James) dad told her that he has found a lady that could possibly be a part of the new chapter of his life, Lord Tremaine  together with her two daughters, Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drizella (Sophie McShera). But there are certain things that happens without our permission, and one of them is the death of our love ones. Ella’s dad died because of some illness. And just like what happened in the book or in the original plot, they maltreated Ella and let her do all the household chores. They’re living life as if they owned the house when in fact, they doesn’t even have any rights to do those things. Keeping in mind what her mother keeps on saying to her, Ella remained kind as possible to the three ladies.

Strolling around the forest, Ella met a hunter named Kit (Richard Madden) which was the prince of the kingdom trying to hide his identity to a nickname that was given by his father. But because he was attracted with Ella’s charm, he soon made an announcement that there will be going to have a grand ball. Ella’s stepmother and stepsisters were excited upon hearing the news. Ella was permitted by Lady Termaine to attend the ball only if she’ll be able to finish all the chores given to her. Since she doesn’t have time to sew her dress, the mice, her friends, helped in sewing and hemming the dress that she’ll be wearing for the event. Due to jealousy, her stepsisters ripped and torn the dress she’s wearing when they saw how lovely her dress was compared to them. That leave Ella burst into tears running outside their garden and weep silently.

In just a poof, an old lady appeared and talked to her. It was her fairy-godmother. She started turning almost everything into a coach, horses and stuffs. Lastly, she turned Ella’s dress into a beautifully sewn blue ball gown that was filled with glitters all over it. She even gave her the most famous glass slipper. Ella was ecstatic when she finally saw the transformation that her fairy-godmother did to her. She’s now ready for the ball but the fairy reminded her that she should come home before the clock strikes 12 or else everything will go back to the way it used to be.

At the ball, again, the Prince was mesmerized with Ella’s beauty. He even chose her to dance with him. It was all magical and full of love not until the clock strikes 12 and all those sparks gone in just a snap. Ella ran away leaving one of her glass shoe along her way. The prince kept the shoe and after the ball, he ordered one of her most trusted men to look for the girl whom foot could fit on the glass shoe. When Lady Termaine found out that it was Ella’s shoe, she locked her in the attic but evil never wins, Ella is found by one of the trusted men and let her try the shoe. The shoe fits and Kit finally reveal his true identity that he was a prince. And as what usually stated, they lived happily ever after.

The songs being inserted in between the scenes are totally on point. It adds up the intensity of the scenes. It’s so great that the story wasn’t ruined and changed as if you’re reading the book version — only the characters are moving. There might be some alteration, but it made the movie more interesting. The location is perfect for every scenes in the movie. It brought you to the centuries of monarchs. All in all the music scoring, acting, directing, story, setting, and cinematography was incomparable that everytime you’ll going to watch it, you’ll feel like you are Ella, or Lady Termaine, or Ella’s two stepstisters, Drizella and Anastasia.


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