Loosen up, you’re not losing

Having epic fail moments inside the court or field isn’t new to everybody. The viewers might laugh or might throw jokes at those players who don’t even have any intentions to be the center of attention of the event. Bloopers are part of every games. There’s no such thing as perfect game that all of the players could shoot, spike or kick the ball in just one chance.

I’ve asked one athlete, she plays volleyball since she was just in Grade 5. She’s Florybel Tamonan, a Journalism student. She also had her own share of epic fail moments while she’s inside the volleyball court. Here are the five of the many bloopers she had done in the eight years of playing this kind of sport.
She experienced being hit by the ball. She once missed the ball and wasn’t able to volley it. She wasn’t able to spike because she wasn’t able to reach for the ball. Bumping with her teammates, and lastly, she fell down because of the intensity of the game. Those were some and there’s more than these five bloopers but it’s just for her to know and for us to find out.
“I just need to think sportsmanship. Those things really happen in every game. Just stand up and smile and do your best again and again even if you fail,” her answer when she was asked on what did she do to overcome the embarrassment that caused her when those epic fail moments happened to her while she’s playing volleyball.
She also have a piece of advice to all the people or players out there that after one big failure, they decided to quit playing, “In sports, you’ll really experience those failures. It’s hard but its also the chance to train yourself harder and beat the others. You may fail once but you have limitless chance to stand up. Giving up is not a good attitude in sports.” When I asked her if whether, after 10 years, if she could still see himself playing the sports, she immediately uttered the word yes.


If you really love a certain sports, there’s no reason for you to retire from it. You just need to accept that there are things in life that should happen maybe because you need to learn from it and that in your next games, you’ll be able to know your do’s and don’ts before, during, and after playing a particular sport. Failing doesn’t actually mean you’re a bad player. No, it’s not what it is. Failures are part of our lives. It could even hone us to be a great player someday. Always keep in mind that even though you stumbled down or bumped with your other teammates, the most important thing while playing is that you don’t have any grudges in other people. The kind of grudge wherein you tend to get easily jealous with a person who plays well than you. Be a good sport. Don’t let jealousy control you and take over your system.


Ask other people. It’ll make you feel good. Interview them if once in their life, they were able to experience the same thing that just happened to you. You’ll never know, maybe it’s more horrible than yours. Laugh at your own mistakes. It’ll make other people think that what happened isn’t a huge deal to you. Smile. Chin up. Everything will be okay next time because you already know how to prevent those bloopers and failure you did on your recent games.
The interview ended with asking her if what’s her mantra before playing the game. And her answer was, “Losing a game doesn’t mean your a loser.”.


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