Music for a Friend


Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.  Someone asks me why do you love music so much? I replied, because it’s the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone.

Choosing type of music to listen depends on my mood. It can be acoustic, mellow, rock, reggae. I have a long lists of favorite music , but the one that touches my soul is the music by Dionne Warwick ” That’s what friends are for”

I can relate so much in this kind of music , because I always think that I’m alone and that no one cares. But after listening to this music , it makes me realize that life can hurt me thousand times, but in the end of the day there is someone I can go to for comfort.

Keep smilin’, keep shinin, knowin you can always count on me for sure.That’s what friends are for. This  is the only  part of the song  that really touches my soul, because it makes me feel, important to other people. That I shouldn’t feel scared of pursuing my dreams, because there will always be someone  that i can run to when life gets rough.

In good times, and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more.  This part of the song , it only wants us to realize that  in  every ups and downs of our  life, we are never alone.  That there is another soul who we can lean on, a kind of person who will lift you up when you’re in your most lowest moment in life.

A person who will give back the faith you once have in yourself  when it’s lost , and will protect you from the harsh reality of life.And even if time will come that you will have to part ways, you  don’t have to be sad. Just reminisce the fun times you have, because in that way, it seems like they’re still with you.


And also i chose this song, because it clearly represents the relationship  I have with my sisters. My sisters is not only related to me by blood, but aside from being sisters I  treat  them as my best friends. As a kid, I’ve been bullied not only in school but also in my family. My sisters, are the one’s who always defend me from the people who always teased me because of my looks.

During the hardest point in my life, they’re always there for me, even though we’re thousand of miles away from each other before. Just like what the song is trying to imply to us listeners. When I’m in my most vulnerable moment in life, all i do is contact them and pour out everything that bothers  me.

This song not only fits relationship between friends, family or sisters. But this can also be therapeutic for those loners out there.  I once believe that I’m a loner, and that no one really care about my feelings.But after listening to this song, plenty of times before. It makes me realize that I shouldn’t be so sad because whenever I’m in my most lowest stage in life , I should bear in my mind that there is some one out there who will always lend a helping hand.


As I can see it, this song may not only be applicable to friendship. It also suits other types of human relationship. This can also be use for Mother-daughter type of relationship. I know a lot of cases, where a Mom and her teenage daughter treats each other like best of friends.

And if, I should ever go away. Well then close your eyes and try to feel what we do today. This line from the song, wants to tell us that in parting ways. There’s no need to feel blue, because their memory lingers in your mind.


This song maybe taken as granted, because  there are plenty of friendship songs being made and sing all over the world today . But this song is different from other friendship songs, because this is made years ago and the song lyrics are purely original not being copied from other songs. And that what makes it makes so  good to listen, because of it’s natural and life depicting lyrics. And an amazing instrumental intro of the song.   To add up the lead singer voice  is not too strong but so pleasant to listen, and almost make  you want to fall asleep.















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