Twerking dance craze should stop

From the classy moves of Ballroom, to the groovy rhythm of Jazz, and to the urban feel of Hip-hop; dancing has evolved into this modern form of choreography: Twerking. Yes, twerking. Booty poppin’, hip thrusting, mind-blowing twerking. What has become of the world’s perception on dancing?

Seriously, our forefathers would be disappointed if they find out that the newest dance craze involves shaking our rears violently like there is an earthquake! Now I don’t know whether to blame Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj for it, but this I know for sure; your twerking habits must stop now, and here are the reasons why:

You deserve to be respected: Especially to all the  ladies out there, twerking makes you look promiscuous. Nobody wants to be disrespected; but how can men respect you if you are busy flaunting your bottom on the dance floor? They will not treat you as a fair maiden; they will treat you as a piece of meat. Aren’t you tired of the catcalling?


People will give you the wrong impression: Since you allow people to see or have a glimpse of your booty while dancing like that, they will automatically assume that you are easy-to-get. All because of a simple dance step.

Men do not find it attractive: At least real men don’t. Men this days  classify women in two categories: a sports fish and a keeper. A sports fish is a woman who they considered as nothing more than flings . A keeper is the one they take home to meet their parents. She is classy, commands respect, and dresses appropriately. With you dancing like that, I doubt he will think that you are a keeper.


Your ass-et is not all that: The truth hurts right? We all know that the dance will look more ridiculous if you have a skinny butt. Just look at Miley.


It doesn’t make you look cool: At all. I know that in our generation nowadays, we feel that we have to follow the current trends in order to look ‘cool’. But your dignity and self-respect will suffer. There are a lot of ways to look ‘cool’ that does not involve shaming yourself and exposing your body. Think about it. When you look back and tell your grandkids what you did when you were young, do you think they will be proud when you tell them that “grandma was the best twerker back in the days”?


twerking 4

It will not make you look like a great dancer:A lot of people assume that when they can do a certain dance, they are already a great dancer. Well newsflash! Twerking doesn’t. Harsh? I know.

Your mama taught you better than that: Mama knows best as one cliché goes. Our mothers always tell us to be a good girl and keep us prim and proper all the time. Didn’t your mom ever tell you that shaking your back with no reason makes you look like a bad girl? No? Well that explains it. No dessert for you young lady.




There are children around watching: Do not taint the minds of the younger ones by your seductive dancing. It is enough that our generation blindly follows this craze, but innocent children watching twerk videos and imitating them? That is absurd. That is why before their minds become fully corrupted, people should stop twerking. How can a simple dance ruin the children’s minds, you ask? Twerking has sexual connotations written all over it. Enough said.


Even little girls nowadays are uploading videos of themselves dancing this kind of dance moves.And I don’t find it entertaining to see girls with such young age, shaking their butts like there is no tomorrow.

Not only are people twerking at home, there are twerking competitions. People have won money from twerking, which is unbelievable.

If my father ever see me , bouncing my butt around, I probably wouldn’t be able to sit on it for a couple of days after he  got done with me. I  firmly believe that twerking is terrible and degrading  as it only gives  a negative connotation against individuals who decide to twerk.




Twerking no doubt become one of the dance craze today. But we shouldn’t be blind by the real meaning of  that  twerking dance move .Sure dancing is fine, it’s cool. Enjoyable to say, but there is also a limitation when you dance. Don’t put your dignity at risks just because you want to try what other people is doing, or dancing. Remember, self-respect is more important than having fun.









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