Long-lasting Place, Undying Love

As an ordinary people who doesn’t have any knowledge about architectures, it’s quite difficult for me make a comment about a certain structure but nevertheless, I’m a kind of person who’s really appreciative of old buildings and establishments. So, when I was in Bacolod, in Talisay, specifically, I didn’t missed the chance to visit the place which was popularly known as “The Ruins” of The Lacson Mansion or the “Taj Mahal of Negros Occidental”.

You’ll never really appreciate something if you yourself, you haven’t been there. The first time I was able to set my foot on the stairs that leads on their balcony, you’ll have that feeling that you’re not in the present era that you are right now. That you’re in the place where there’s no wifi, gadgets and all. That you’re in a place where you could only feel the love all over it because this place was built in the memory of Maria Braga, the first wife of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, the owner of the mansion. There was even a two letter M, facing each other, which stands for Mariano and Maria.

As what was described in the brochure of the place, “The structure of The Ruins is of Italianate architecture with neo-Romanesque columns, having a very close resemblance to the facade of Carnegie Hall in New York City. In New England, they often were homes to ship’s captains. A belvedre, facing west, afford a beautiful view of the sunset in a glassed-in sun-room with bay windows.”

Stated on an online site, an interview with Raymund Javellana said, “The A-grade concrete and oversized twisted bars used in its construction had contributed much to the strength of the skeletal frame of the structure. The finishing touches on the walls and posts were a mixture of pure concrete with egg whites, resulting in a marble-like finish which can be seen and felt even to this day.”. You can even still see at the entrance some of the molds used to create the balusters. The floors of the mansion were also built with quality in mind. Made of 2-inch thick hardwood, the wood didn’t burn when Filipino and American forces initially tried to burn the mansion down during World War II.

The tiles in the mansion were brought in from Spain. Arrays of varies designs of tiles used throughout the mansion have been grouped together at the foyer of the back entrance of the mansion. It is believed that the excess tiles were used in this area which was masterfully laid out. The shell-inspored decor lined the top edged of the mansion. These same decor are used in those times in New England in the homes of ship captains. The structure of the house was of solid concrete and the interior floors were dressed either in tiles imported from Spain or 20-meter-long hard wood planks that were cut a meter wide. The concrete walls and the posts were made with the mixtures of cements and egg whites, the vertical structure that used as support used a thick metal used in building railways.

Modern Ruins is an architectural structures constructed generally in the most recent past or century or since 19th century. The modern ruins are also alluring in the same way as the ancient ruins. This gives a fascinating sight to many visitors and find out what are the stories behind it and what it was before. The ruins are the remaining pieces of human-made architecture, structures that was destroyed due to some reasons, like lack of maintenance, deliberate act of destruction, natural disaster, war, weathering and scavenging.

Even today, you can easily get a feel of how grand this structure is. It’s surely made to last a long time just like the undying love a husband could offer to his wife. If you’re one of those social-media geeks, and wanted to take an instagram-worthy photo, this place is one of the best places to go to. With its scenery that could brought you to place you never imagined would exist in our country. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing. Most especially when you get to sit on the grasses, and you could even lay down there without other people looking at you. All in all, the people who are part of building this structures were definitely one of the finest in their time that even though there are so many bad things that happened in a long period of time, the Mansion’s still there. I must say that this place symbolizes our history.


The Ruins in Talisay


The Ruins, Talisay City, Negros Occidental



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