We will Survive



We will survive, is the kind of show, you want other people to watch, because of the simplicity of the message of the show. Pokwang plays the role of , Wilma who is responsible, obedient, loving, and hard-working , all for the sake of her family. Maricel, on the other hand, is one jovial, free-spirited lass who dreams big for herself, and would do anything to fulfill them. They complement each other in more ways than one, and maybe get at each other’s throats as they become too close for comfort. But more than anything, they click despite their contrasting personalities.

It is set in majestic Bicolandia, with the magnificent perfect cone of Mayon Volcano on sight. Wilma and Maricel share their everyday struggles and triumphs with two other friends in their squad: Sheila (Regine Angeles) and Ana Fe (Bea Saw)

Yet on one Sunday, after all of them serve as choir members in their community church, Wilma hears an announcement that shocks her—the love of her life, Edwin (Joshua Zamora) is getting married. As she expresses her heartbreak and dismay after Maricel confirms it by seeing Edwin’s picture on the church bulletin board and Edwin himself appearing before the squad in the church with his bride-to-be, her friends prevailed upon her to realize it was not meant to be.


Context was then given to Edwin’s sudden change of heart in an incident the squad had set-up. Edwin had proposed marriage to Wilma outside the church one previous night, with Maricel, Sheila and Ana Fe at the sidelines waiting for the question to pop and her expected affirmative answer to follow. But Wilma said no, owing to her commitment to helping her family rise above poverty. A lot of us, can relate to this kind of scenario in our lives . Because happenings like this, not only works in reel, but also in real life.

Sometimes we feel torn, between love and responsibility. Torn in the sense that, we should only prioritize one thing, if it’s love then it’s love. But in the case of Wilma, she chose her family, because her as the older sister, she feels like she’s the one who will help her parents sends her younger siblings to school.


“Hindi siya makapaghintay,” Wilma said. But even though the pain is deep, she finds solace in her loving family, especially her father Nestor (Bing Davao) giving her a loving and supportive hug when they meet. The same goes for little sister Jenny (Maris Racal) and Arnold (Alchris Galura), who all appreciate Wilma’s sacrifice of forgetting her personal interests, like love, for their sake. In our life, we believe that, if some one can’t wait for you, that person doesn’t deserve you or love you for real. That’s what exactly happen in the relationship of Wilma and her boyfriend Edwin (Joshua Zamora).


But for Maricel, that can’t possibly happen. As she gets seemingly hopeless voice lessons from her mom Judy (Vangie Labalan), Maricel declares she would openly fight for her love to the man of her dreams, Rodel (Ahron Villena), her colleague in a local resort, and try her very best to become a hotel chain magnate with her beloved “yaba.”


And, it seemed this dream  have started to unravel, as a friend visited the hotel and peddled jewelry, including rings, that Maricel said was out of her reach financially. Rodel was encouraged to buy, even in several installments, but couldn’t decide at that moment. And secretly, Rodel talked to the seller and managed to purchase the jewelry, with Maricel overhearing the deal from afar, thinking her “yaba” was really serious in pleasing her and making their “relationship” official. Sometimes in our life, we should know the difference of illusion and reality. Maricel, thought that her boyfriend Rodel was about to propose to her ,but it turns out that her” so called-boyfriend”, is gay.


For me, this is the kind of show that is so worth watching for. Aside from the obvious message from it that deals with friendship. It also deals with heartbreaks, unconditional love and support given by your family. This is educational in the sense of love. This show wants us to realize, that if a guy can’t wait for you, let him go. It’s pretty clear, he did not love you that much. Because if he does, he’s willing to wait for you. No matter how long it will take, because for the reason that HE LOVES YOU. This show also want us viewers to understand that if you fail in your relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re a total loser. There is still plenty of people out there, that will love you unconditionally. A kind of love that will never hurt you, or desert you.















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