Duyog: A Visayan song

Each one of us has its own choice of music.  A music that is close to our hearts. A music that brings life to those memories that is worth remembering. A music that can make us realized how wonderful life is. Whatever choice of music we had, the important thing is we know what that music is trying to say and we learned how to value and accept it.

Duyog is a visayan song sung by a singer-songwriter Jewel Villaflores of Hilongos, Leyte. It is the first song who won the 1st Visayan Music Pop Festival (VisPop) in May 18, 2013.

From all the music and songs that I’ve heard in my entire life, Duyog is one of my choices of song. Even if it is a visayan song, I never get tired of listening to it. This is such a heartwarming music with a nice choice of lyrics.

The singer which is the songwriter itself perfectly relies the meaning of song to its audience without any hesitation. The beautiful voice that she had went well with the musicality.

This song is full of promises. It clearly shows that a man would do everything for the person he loves.It is a message that whatever happens, a man would always be there reminding her that she is not alone.

However, duyog is not just only for those lovers but it also reminds us that once in our life, we experienced to love and to be loved. In that past relationship that we had, we happened to make them our world. We cannot imagine our self waking up one day realizing that it is over. Most likely, we cannot accept the fact that “there are no more us”.

Our choice of music doesn’t end in the time when we heard it. It is always a part of our lives. Our choice of music depends on the experiences that we had.

Here is the lyric of Duyog:


Ikaw ang bahandi

Dugay ko nang gihandom

Ikaw ang bitoon

Sa ngitngit kong baybayon



Ikaw lang akong, akong higugmaon

Ikaw lang, ako, ako matinud-anon


Ikaw akong hangin

Ikaw akong ulan

Ikaw akong langit

Ug ang akong kalibutan


(Repeat Refrain)



Ikaw aking gahapon

Ikaw akong karon

Ikaw akong kanunay, pulong ko tinud-anay

Kasing-kasing paminawa

Dinuyugan ning gitara

Wag ka nag-inusara

Kanimo nahigugma



Ikaw ang katam-is

Kalipay nga wa’y sama

Ikaw ba nasayod

Sa likod ning pahiyom


(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus )


Tagohala nga gibati

Sa akong kinabuhi

Ikaw lang ang bulawan

Gitipigan sa akong dughan

Mahanaw man ang adlaw

Masubo man ang buwan

Dili ka gyud talikdan

ug di gyud pasipad-an











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