The game of life and the chances you take


“A girl with an American dream and a boy who has an American life”

On the Wings of love is a teleserye debut for James Reid and Nadine Lustre or better known as Jadine. It was aired last August 2015 and brought to end last February 26, 2016. On the Wings of Love is directed by Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin.


otwol family


The Characters

          Introducing one of the biggest love team in the world of showbiz, James Reid and Nadine Lustre had successfully showcased their acting skills in the primetime bida.

James Reid who plays the role of Clark Medina is really fit for her personality. He is a boy who has an American life yet is hard working to support his siblings in the Philippines. Medina being a strong, private, simple, quiet and caring man is a survivor of many tragedies in the USA including the rejection of his father, the death of his mother, and abuses in a foster home.

James Reid was known for being romantic in his projects in movie and it is a surprise to see him easily cried and get angry in the show.

Nadine Lustre who plays the role of Leah Olivar is a girl with an American dream. Leah being a funny, smart, optimistic, determined and loving daughter and sister to her family will do anything for them. At first, I admit, Lustre’s acting skills in On the Wings of Love needs more crispiness and effectiveness. However, she was able to improve it throughout the show.
Joel Torre (Tatang Sol), Bianca Manalo(Manang Tiffany), and Isay Alvarez (Nanang) from Olivar family was a big help for the show. Joel Torre’s character is what I am looking for a father in today’s generation. I hope there still is.

Nico Antonio (Tolayts) is funny and persistent. He is a true Filipino who is willing to wait the right time for him to be accepted by Bianca Manalo (Manang Tiffany. The appearance of him with the Tenement Uno is worthy. Now, I had just realized, “ Is there someone or a person who can do what Tolayts have done to Tiffany?”

Nanette Inventor (Lola Pachang), Cherry Pie Picache (Tita Jack), Albie Casiño (Jigs) of the Medina family are those people who became Clark’s pillar in every challenges he had.

Picache’s role as Tita Jack, as a lesbian, is not new to the audience. The only thing that I really don’t like is her line and became an expression “owrayt”. The first time I heard it, it was all right but when she always says this line and became her expression, I got annoyed. The way she is saying that line is over-acting. As far as I know, lesbian is silent. Not because they are shy but because that’s their nature.

Albie’s role as Jigs is so annoying. Everytime I am watching this teleseruye and I can see him, I really want to throw something on him. He’s so immature that he will do everything just to win Leah back. For me, he can be a psycho. Anyway, in terms of acting there is no doubt that Albie can do it well. From his gestures, expressions, and even to his words, he is really effective. He has this power to make people believe him. Albie gave Jigs the best performance. Every detail of him- from his action, words, tears, smile and even his stare has a message.  A message that no one could understand unless you be with him or you’ll be in his shoe.

The Story

On the Wings of Love is a roller-coaster story of Leah Olivar and Clark Medina, both OFW, seeking for greener pastures abroad to provide a better future for their families. On the Wings of Love is not just a romantic-comedy teleserye but it also became an educational medium on the different issues on the society especially about an OFW. The trust, loyalty, love, hard work and perseverance were challenged.

Leah and Clark cross paths after Leah realizes she will need a green card to work and stay legally in San Francisco once her visa expires. Tita Jack, Clark’s auntie, arranged their marriage eventually. The only thing Tita Jack asks from them is not to fall in love with each other because her son, Jigs, which happens to be Leah’s ex-boyfriend, is still depressed of what happened to them.

What they don’t realize is while they are getting to know each other, they are also falling with each other. And when destiny steps in, nobody can stop the inevitable from happening.

On the Wings of Love is distinctly Pinoy, from its portrayals of close family ties and familial responsibility to the “damayan” or “bayanihan” present in Filipino communities both here and abroad.

The writers, directors, and other staffs should be praised from raising the issues on society especially on Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). The show were able to tell some of the issues and worries that OFW encounter in foreign countries: immigration problems, constant longing for the families they left behind and the recent issue on balikbayan boxes.

It was remembered that in one of their episodes, Leah was arranging the balikbayan boxes are now checked and may take time before they reach their destinations. This was during the time when the Bureau of Customs has been on the hot seats for its (in) actions regarding balikbayan boxes. It has been a good attempt to bring the issues to its audience without trying too hard.

This teleserye reminds the audience of the different values in the family, marriage friendship and love. It is  no wonder that Leah Olivar grew up with a good heart even if they were left by their mother. Her father, Tatang Sol, is there and ready to support them whether in moral or physical. On the other hand, we can see that Jigs is a bit annoying because of her stubborn role but in a brighter side, I think, he is just being carried away by his emotion. Just imagine how painful it is living in life without your mother and you didn’t know your father. He just felt that he is alone.

Talking about marriage which has been stressed in this teleserye, I hope that the audience could learn and apply it in real life. As what Tatang Sol had said, marriage is sacred. It should be done by two persons who really loves each other and is not a test to forever. It is the challenges and failure you overcome that will say you are meant with each other.

Everything went fine throughout the story. Leah and Clark were busy preparing for the wedding not until Leah have to go to Dubai for her Tatang Sol to be cure. Of course, Clark won’t let her because she will be with her boss, Simon. In a lighter perspective, we can say that Clark is just insecure on Simon because as a man himself, he knows that Simon has a feeling for Leah. But this long-distance relationship that they had is too difficult for them especially for Clark. They argued whether to go or not, they exchanged hurtful statements, they cried and at the end they decided to end it. The relationship that they had, they fight for, they treasure ended with nothing. That long-distance relationship supposed to be would challenged to their trust, loyalty and love with each other. Young they were, I think, they are not yet ready with each other. Leah want to achieve her dreams. Clark loves Leah so much that he really want to marry it.

The relationship that Leah-Clark had is not normal. Supposed to be, they would met each other, getting to know, be in a relationship and then marriage but it turns the other way around. The thing that binds them in their relationship is their love and they didn’t really know each other.

However, destiny is really not a matter of chance.  It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for but a thing to be achieved. Do you think Clark would trust Leah when she told him that she still loves her? After all the things that Leah has done in breaking his heart, it would be hard for Clark to trust again. But as what they say, “If you don’t trust the person, just trust his or her love for you.

Finally, destiny happens when Leah decided to make an effort to win Clark back. Winning happens when you trust, love and make an effort to that person you love.





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